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How to Pay Your People ||
Free Training

Want to learn how to pay your people the right way?

  • Should you have a W2 Employee or 1099 Contractor?
  • Should you pay per patient or a fixed salary?
  • What's the difference between part and full time?
  • Should you focus on benefits or pay a higher hourly wage?
  • And other hiring pearls to create an amazing job for your clinician

5 Reasons to Consider Business Mentorship

None of us leave school trained in how to start and run a business.  It can be an overwhelming process as we learn by trial and error.  This results in wasted money, lost time and slow or stalled growth - along with a ton of frustration for us as business owners!  We certainly felt this as we grew PelvicSanity, wading through all the conflicting business advice and not knowing who to trust.

Here's what you can expect with business mentorship:

1.  Faster Growth

A good mentor takes the guesswork out of the process.  They help you focus on what will matter most in the business.  You still have to put in the work, but there's less trial-and-error in the process.  Many of our mentees have grown significantly faster than we did at PelvicSanity because they're travelling a path that's already been paved.

2.  Higher Revenue

Ultimately, the business needs to support our financial needs.  Business coaching can boost revenue in the practice.  We've seen it with our own business.  And those in our Accelerator Program, for example, added (on average) $50,000 in revenue to their business in just six months of coaching!  The larger the business, the more was gained during the program.

3.  Accountability

Having a coach provides built-in accountability, ensuring that you stay focused, motivated, and accountable for taking action towards your goals.  Coaching keeps us from getting 'stuck in a rut' and moves the business forward.

4.  Confidence as a Business Owner

As business owners we all face self-doubt and uncertainty. Working with a coach can boost your confidence and self-belief, empowering you to take action and build your business the right way.

5.  Building a business that works for you

Whether you started a business to make more money, create time freedom, travel more, be there to pick up your kids - it needs to work for you.  The hallmark of our program is there's no one 'right' way to build a business or measure success.  We want to help you create something that truly serves your needs!

If you're looking for ways to accelerate your growth in business, we've got you!  

Rising Mentorship Program

We created the Rising Mentorship program (Accelerator, Rising Mentorship, and CEO Boardroom) to provide the honest, practical and pelvic-health focused guidance we wish had been available for us.  Not just growing the business, but helping you grow as a business owner.  We take the guesswork out of the process and show you exactly where to focus your effort. 

We've now helped more than 500 businesses provide the type of care they can be proud of to their local community.  Whether you're trying to fill your schedule, grow beyond yourself, or step into your new role as a leader and CEO, we'd love to help you build a successful, thriving practice that works for you.

Wondering how we can help?  Complete the brief (5-min) survey below and we'll reach out with a recommendation on which of our programs would be best for you!

"Hands down the best investment I've made in my practice" - Jessica B.

"The single most important thing I have done since pursuing my own practice" - Laura G.

"Do not hesitate, the investment is worth the gained confidence and business growth! I not only feel like I have a plan for my business, but have set boundaries for my personal life. No more anxiety regarding my contribution to the family now that I know my numbers. This has helped me put a plan in place and be in communication with my spouse and know 100% where I am with my business." -Emily S.​

 "Worth every penny. You will have a completely different business by the end of it." - Melissa S.

From our 2023 Cohort

Pelvic Sanity-878-[High-res].jpg

The Accelerator Program

  • Not 'just another business course.'  In working with 450+ business owners, we understand what works.  And that's a step-by-step program.  A community of like-minded individuals for inspiration.  Accountability and coaching.  We've put it all together into this six-month coaching program.

  • Comprehensive.  Many coaches or courses focus only on a single topic.  But without improving the business as a whole, you won't have a solid foundation.  We focus in the three areas - Business Systems, Marketing & Sales, and Clinical Excellence - that make the biggest difference in your business.

  • Affordable. We've been really frustrated with 'coaches' charging obscene amounts to business owners, just to tell them "well, this is what did."  We know we could charge $20,000+ for this program (and it would still make sense), but we want this to be accessible to all practice owners and an absolute no-brainer.

  • Specific to pelvic health.  Pelvic health is different.  We market differently. We treat differently.  This intensive coaching is specific to the needs of the cash-based pelvic health business owner.  Whether you're a solopreneur, looking to hire or already have a team, these principles will transform your business.

  • No Risk.  If you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll get your money back. No questions asked.  We've seen this work for hundreds of clinicians, and are confident it will work for you!.

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