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750+ participants

Comprehensive Guide to Downtraining

  • Learn the 3 Categories of Downtraining

  • Downtraining tools for all your patients

  • Prioritize specific downtraining techniques to help your patients improve faster

  • Communicate with your patients for buy-in

The Details

👉 Hour-long online masterclass (already recorded)

👉 Unlimited lifetime access

👉 Comprehensive Q&A

👉 Summary handout

👉 Our most popular pelvic PT training!

After being in the field for over 10 years, I now have a better understand and am more confident about, in my opinion, the most important thing in pelvic health." - Julie W.

Downtraining Masterclass

This targeted masterclass is for anyone who needs a better understanding of all the different ways to "downtrain" for their patients.  Whether you're a new grad or a 10-year veteran with a WCS, there's something to learn here!

Understanding Downtraining

  • What actually is downtraining?

  • How do we know downtraining is important?

  • What are the three types of downtraining we need to be thinking of for our patients?

  • How long should downtraining take?

  • How to educate our patients about downtraining without sounding dismissive

Implementing Downtraining

  • How can we downtrain without biofeedback?

  • What are the voluntary vs. automative aspects of downtraining for patients?

  • How can we downtrain without internal pelvic floor physical therapy?

  • What if my patient is plateauing and I've used all my "downtraining" tools?


Helping more than 500 pelvic providers better understand and implement downtraining techniques for their patients!

Alexi C.

Great big picture on how to think about the variety of approaches to downtraining and lots of practical ideas that can be implemented right away with your patients.

Hayley D.

This course was a steal considering how much knowledge and take away treatments I learned. Nicole is a top-notch clinician and instructor and this course will leave you feeling confident and excited to treat patients requiring downtraining.

Rebecca G.

This course breaks down and defines what exactly down training can be in a clear concise maximize the impact for the patient/client. It has given me much more confidence in how I work with clients beyond the typical deep breathing.

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Nicole Cozean

  • Founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy and Pelvic PT Rising

  • Author of "The IC Solution"

  • Run the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle 

  • Co-Founder of PelviCon, the first conference by and for pelvic rehab

  • Named ICN Physical Therapist of the Year and first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors

  • Chapman University Alumnae of the Year

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