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Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

"This is my favorite podcast. In the past, all the content I’ve ever listened to on pelvic health has been SO dry. Nicole makes pelvic health so fun and exciting. I can feel her passion and energy."

"Top Notch Confidence Booster - This podcast brings me so much confidence and joy going into my day, their message is clear and helps me stay on top of my game!"

"Best pelvic PT podcast - This podcast can’t be beat! I like the variety of topics- from clinical information, entrepreneurship, challenges, cash based PT info, etc…I always gain something from listening. Thanks for doing such a great job on this podcast!"

Listen online (here), on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Clinical :: Business :: Life

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Pelvic health is incredibly complex.  Many practitioners don't ever get 1:1 mentorship or learn "how to think" about treatment.  Our patients plateau or flare and we feel "lost", stuck in a rut, overwhelmed with complex patients or burned out.

Pelvic PT Rising courses don't just give you new skills.  They teach you how to think. Confidently progress even your most complex patients and celebrate the impact we can have on our patient's lives!

Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business.

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Far too many business owners struggle for years learning by trial and error.  It stalls growth and leaves you overworked, underpaid, scared, frustrated or burned out. We've been there!


We've created resources specifically for cash practices to eliminate the wasted time and guesswork.  Find financial freedom, treat patients they way they deserve and actually ENJOY the work by building a business that works for you!


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