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The Rising

Grow from owner to CEO, gain financial & time freedom and find business ease.

Business coaching and community for high-level pelvic business owners.

"Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business."

Pelvic Health CEO Boardroom Business Coaching

CEO Boardroom for High-Level Business Owners

Are you an pelvic health business owner looking to transform to a true CEO?  What got you here won't get you there - develop the tools to find business ease and sustained growth.

The Business Coaching & Community Program

  • For high-level business owners (doing at least $250k in revenue with multiple employees)
  • Enrollment capped for close-knit community
  • Regional exclusivity in the program
  • Focus on leadership and team
  • Increase financial success, improve time freedom and find business ease

What got you here won't get you there - an incredible community of bad-ass business owners!

Why the CEO Boardroom?

You have built an amazing business by hustling, doing it all yourself, working on nights or weekends and great patient care.  You've hired and maybe cut back on your patient care.  But you're still finding yourself exhausted, frustrated (often with your employees), struggling to hire or find the right people or wondering how to lead.  You still haven't found 'business ease.'

What got you here won't get you there.  It's a truth we've seen in our own business and in those we've mentored.  Transforming from the business owner to CEO requires new skills, resources and attitudes.

We created the CEO Boardroom program for high-level owners to learn these skills within a supportive community of entrepreneurs who 'get it.'  We'll focus on leadership, recruiting and retaining great staff, high-level business strategy, and the tools you need to become a true CEO for your practice.

These skills improve financial success, increase your time freedom and give a sense of 'business ease.'

Not sure if this is the right step for you?  Complete our CEO Survey and we can help you decide what the best resources are!


✅ If you have grown your practice to at least $250k/year ($21,000 per month) in revenue


✅ If you want to be more confident in onboarding, mentoring and training your staff

✅ If you're looking to continue to grow your practice

✅ If you want a close-knit community of other high-level owners to connect with as we grow together

✅ If you want to take more time off, work outside the office (or not at all) and still have an effective business

This program is for you!

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Boardroom Details

The highest-level Rising program, CEO Boardroom is the only program where you work directly with Nicole & Jesse, along with other high-level entrepreneurs, as you grow


✅ Private CEO Boardroom Facebook group (capped at only 17-23 high-level members)

✅ Office hours twice a month with Nicole & Jesse where you can get all your questions answered

✅ Monthly group coaching calls focusing on leadership, mentorship and growing to the CEO level

✅ Quarterly Deep Dive and Goal Setting Sessions

✅ Private Boardroom Retreat in San Clemente, exclusively for Boardroom members

✅ Templates, Resources and Documents with access to the systems we've honed at PelvicSanity for our own team


Plan for at least a year in the program to build your CEO-level skills (we typically work with most of our mentees for years as they grow).  Investment is $1,497 per month.

Rising Biz Resources

  • Helped 500+ pelvic health practices start and grow

  • Resources from just starting out to CEO-Level growth

  • Making every stage of your business journey smoother

  • On average, participants have doubled their patient volume (and revenue)

  • Not a 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy - you need to build a biz that works for you!

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