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Pelvic PT Business Accelerator Coaching Program


Are you an existing pelvic health business owner ready to take your practice to the next level?

We've helped 500+ pelvic health practices grow and thrive - you don't have to go it alone!

The 6-Month Business Intensive To:

  • Fill your schedule
  • Develop sustainable systems
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Join an empowering community
  • Pay yourself first
  • Create and track business metrics
  • Build from a solid foundation
  • Grow and scale

"Hands down the best investment I've made in my practice" - Jessica B.

"The single most important thing I have done since pursuing my own practice" - Laura G.

Pelvic Business Coaching - Marketing and Sales.png

Marketing & Sales

Fill your schedule!  Get the phone ringing and convert leads with proven phone scripts

Pelvic Business Coaching - Business Systems.png

Business Systems

Get confident in the business!  Streamline operations, save time and reduce stress

Pelvic Business Coaching - Clinical Excellence.png

Clinical Excellence

Provide the highest level of care!  Get patient buy-in, for best results and create raving fans of your practice

Business Accelerator

Are you an existing pelvic health business owner ready

to take your practice to the next level?

Venn Diagram Success in Business.png

None of us had adequate business training in school.  We're not marketing experts, financial wizards or specialists in business systems.  We don't like selling.  Many of us - ourselves included - waste so much time and money with mistakes as we grow the hard way, through trial and error.

Without a comprehensive approach to business development you may find your schedule isn't full, your revenue isn't growing, and you don't feel confident in taking the next steps in your business.  You also might just not be enjoying the business journey.

Our six-month Business Accelerator is designed to boost your clinic, bring in more revenue and make sure your business is working for you.  You'll work alongside a community of like-minded, passionate clinicians, get accountability throughout the program, and consult with our business coaches.  And once you're done you'll be ready to graduate into 1:1 mentorship.

Wherever you're newer in business or a business veteran, improving your business systems, marketing and sales and clinical excellence will transform your practice.  These are the foundations of a successful solopreneur or a multi-clinician practice.

Join our program to take your clinic to the next level.  You can be confident our community, accountability and comprehensive approach will increase your revenue, fill your schedule and give you a solid foundation for future growth.

"Do not hesitate, the investment is worth the gained confidence and business growth! I not only feel like I have a plan for my business, but have set boundaries for my personal life. No more anxiety regarding my contribution to the family now that I know my numbers. This has helped me put a plan in place and be in communication with my spouse and know 100% where I am with my business." -Emily S.

Brand New or Side-Hustle || $0 - $40,000

If you're just starting out or getting serious, we can help!  Early-stage businesses more than doubled annual revenue, increasing by $67,000 on average.

Growing Solopreneur || $40 - $120k

Filling your schedule and building systems?  Solopreneurs in this level increased revenue by $35,000 in six months!

Ascending Owner || $120k+ in revenue

For those already crushing, looking to hire and continuing to grow.  On average, these businesses added $61,000 in revenue and reached an average of $350,000 in total revenue (with some over $1M) in the program!

For all 3 levels of business

We're Nicole & Jesse Cozean, and we've been where you are!

We started PelvicSanity in 2016 and couldn't find great coaching or resources.  We made A LOT of mistakes as we built the business into one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.

We made it our mission to create the programs we wish had been available to us!

Since then we've helped 500+ pelvic health owners grow their practice, enjoy the process and build a business that truly works for them.

Interested in seeing how you can transform your business in the next six months?  Apply now for the Business Accelerator!

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What 200+ pelvic business owners are saying...


Get started in less than 3 minutes!

Step 1 || Join the Interest List

Fill out the brief survey about your business and goals for mentorship


Step 2 || Application Review

Our team will review and reach out to answer any questions and make sure you're a good fit

Step 3 || Accelerate your Business

We get started the first week of January to transform your business over the next six months

Pelvic Business Coaching - Pelvic Accelerator Members


200+ Business owners taken the program

Increase in revenue with pelvic business coaching


Average increase of $53,000(!!) per year in revenue

Confidence in Business


99.2% of participants finished more confident in the biz

Return on Investment with Pelvic Business Accelerator


Participants saw a 29.5x ROI (almost $30 back for every $1 in cost)

Breakeven point for Accelerator and Rising (1).png

The program pays for itself with just two new patients in six months!

From our 2023 Cohort

Pelvic Sanity-878-[High-res].jpg

The Accelerator Difference

There's more options for 'business coaching' than ever before.  So why the Accelerator?

1.  Proven.  The only business program who reports actual, real-world results. 


Participants (on average) see:

  • Revenue Increase: Added $53,000 per year to their business. 

  • 29.5x Return on Investment.  Getting $29.50 back for every dollar they invest in coaching.

  • More confidence.  A99.2% report being more confident

  • Better time freedom.  They also report being better able to pay themselves, more time freedom and working the days/hours they want.


Other programs don't track this (or don't share the results if they aren't flattering).

2.  Comprehensive.  Many coaches or courses focus only on a single topic.  But without improving the business as a whole, you won't have a solid foundation.  We focus in the three areas - Business Systems, Marketing & Sales, and Clinical Excellence - that make the biggest difference in your business.

3.  Pelvic Health Specific.  Generic or ortho-focused coaching can certainly be helpful, but there's something different about pelvic health.  All our examples, case studies and ideas are pelvic-health focused and proven to work in our specialty.

4.  Affordable. Whether your investing in coaching for the first time (60% of you) or have been burned in the past by high-cost, mediocre-result programs (40%), cost is important.  We know we could charge $1,500+ per month for the program (and it would still make sense!), but we want this to be accessible to all practice owners and an absolute no-brainer.

5.  Community & Accountability.  You don't have to go it alone!  One of the best parts of the program is the community of like-minded individuals to inspire, challenge, commiserate and grow together. 


Bonus!  Downloadable Excel sheets, budget templates, metric tracking, handouts and more

Bonus - No Risk!  If you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll get your money back. No questions asked.  We've seen this work for hundreds of clinicians, and are confident it will work for you!  Just let us know in the first month if it's not turning out how you expected and get a full refund.  What do you have to lose?

The 'Big Three'

The program is comprehensive, so we focus on the three biggest drivers of growth.  If one of these is working right, your business can survive.  If you do well with two, you can grow.  But if you get all three of these right, your business will truly work for you!

Marketing & Sales: Getting new patients in the door with your marketing and phone scripts when they call
Business Systems: Streamline your processes to make the business both more effective and save time
Clinical Excellence:  Get patient buy-in, finish your plan of care, get amazing results and create raving fans of your practice who spread the word to their friends
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pelvic PT Rising Business Pyramid (1).png

Why create this Accelerator program?

Everything we create are programs we wish had been available for us as we grow!


Right now, most business owners either feel they have to go it alone (and struggle along the way) or pay exorbitant amounts for unproven coaching they probably don't feel they can afford.

We wanted to create a program that would get real results, help business thrive and be an absolute no-brainer in terms of cost (at least a 10x return on investment).


Why the focus on community and accountability?


Just providing information doesn't usually make change.  We can all find more information on marketing online, for example - it doesn't mean we have a marketing plan or consistent marketing efforts.


In working with 500+ pelvic health practices, we've seen the biggest factors in growth are community and the accountability that comes with it.  It's why you'll be in an exclusive private group with the Accelerator members, learning and growing together!

Do I need a certain amount of experience in business?


No!  We've taken brand-new entrepreneurs and 10-year veterans through this material.  Regardless, there is so much to learn, improve and optimize.  Whether you're a solopreneur or already have employees, this will be transformative for your business. 

Why the focus on the 'Big Three' - business systems, marketing & sales, and clinical excellence?

We believe this three areas are the three pillars of an incredible pelvic health practice. These are also areas almost all of us get wrong as we start.

Get one or two of these right, and you can have a successful business.  But get all three dialed in?  You've built an incredible foundation for the business you dream about (whether that's as a solopreneur or a multi-clinician practice).

How is the Accelerator Program administered?

This six-month program - because progress takes time and isn't a 'quick fix'! - will guide you through the most important parts of running your business.  Each week you'll get a video training on a specific topic to implement.  You'll also get one group coaching call each month with Jesse or Nicole to ask questions, dive deeper into a topic or explore what's holding you back.


You can ask questions throughout the program in the private community where a Rising Coach will make sure to answer (as well as your fellow participants).


You'll also get a Deep Dive 1:1 call with a Rising Coach about halfway through.  This will allow you to ask specific questions, check on your progress and focus on the most important aspects of the program for you.


You also get templates and handouts for the business systems and marketing plan.

What if I have clinical or admin staff?

Whether you're a solopreneur, looking to hire or already have a team, these foundational pieces will make your business more effective.  When you have a team, it's even more important to have these right!

What if I'm not satisfied with the Accelerator Program?

We're extremely confident you'll find a ton of value in the Program (way more than the cost), but if for any reason you aren't satisfied or it's not the right fit, let us know - we're happy to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's next after the Accelerator Program?


After you complete the Accelerator Program, you're eligible to join our 1:1 mentorship program.


The Accelerator program is a pre-requisite to the Rising Mentorship program.  It's what all of our mentees have been through, so we all 'speak the same language' and have a solid foundation for growth.  While it's certainly not required to graduate into the program, you'll absolutely benefit from continued, 1:1 coaching as you make your buisness uniquely yours.

Program Details

What do I get in the Accelerator Program?

✅ 18 Unique, Action-Oriented Weekly Trainings


Every week you'll have access to a new training.  Each will be actionable and bite-sized for your business.  They'll be in the three most important areas for your business growth:

  • Business Systems - Organize your business, stop profit leaks, win back your time and make your day-to-day more efficient and easier

  • Marketing and Sales - Get the phone ringing with high-quality leads and convert them on the phone to keep your (or your staff) schedule full.

  • Clinical Excellence - Getting clinical buy-in, treating according to your Clinical Ethos and creating satisfied patients who tell their friends and family about your practice.


Private Community

You'll have exclusive access to the Accelerator Facebook group where you can ask questions, meet like-minded business owners and grow together. 

Monthly Live Call + Q&A

Monthly live group calls with Nicole or Jesse to answer your specific questions, dive deeper into topics and make sure you're progressing in the program.

Templates and Handouts

Get access to the exclusive Rising handouts and templates as you create systems within your business.  These include a budget template, call log, new patient log, weekly dashboard, and more

✅ 1:1 Deep Dive Call

Use your hour-long, 1:1 coaching call with one of our Rising Coaches to ask specific questions, make sure you're on the right track and know what to prioritize.

✅ Pricing

We see 'coaches' out charging exorbitant amounts for unproven advice, having a Slack or Voxer channel, or just jumping on a call - often $1,500 - $3,000 per month!  That's just insane for unproven results.  

We know we could charge $20,000+ for this program (and you'd still get that amount of growth!).  But we wanted to create something that is affordable and effective.  No hidden costs.

That's less than bringing in two new patients in six months.  Two!

And if you don't think this program will help increase by more than that, it's absolutely not for you.

We also have a full, money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with the program for any reason, just ask us for a refund in the first 30 days.  No questions asked!

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