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Business Kickstart: Starting a Pelvic Health Practice


Plan your practice, avoid mistakes and get step-by-step guidance to start your business.  Everything you need to know to start a thriving pelvic health practice!

From pelvic therapist to entrepreneur - start with confidence!  The step-by-step guide to getting the doors open:

  • Start-up Checklist
  • Know your financial runway
  • Business entity, NPI, bank accounts, etc.
  • Intake forms and policies
  • Business systems
  • Start-up equipment list
  • Company roles
  • Pricing and superbills
  • Everything you need to get the doors open to your practice!

Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back from pursuing your dream.  The guidance that has helped 300+ pelvic health owners start their practice!

"Spelled everything out in a way that was understandable to non-business people"

- Brittany H.

Business Kickstart Course

Starting a pelvic health business can be a daunting and overwhelming task.  We often feel uncertain and nervous about taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  This can lead to months or years of delay, wasting thousands of dollars on lawyers and consultants, and a ton of added stress as you begin.  We don't learn this in school!

This course is designed to streamline the process.  Eliminate the guesswork.  Avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming trial and error.  This step-by-step guidance will ensure you feel confident, make informed decisions and set your business up for long-term success.

We've done the hard work for you by compiling the essential information and resources you need to get your doors open!  You'll get a checklist, forms, templates and everything you need for a solid foundation.

Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back from pursuing your dreams.  Get the course today, put in the work, and build the business you've always wanted.


✅ If you're planning to start your business - no matter whether you're weeks or years away - this course is for you!  

This Business Kickstart Program will be the step-by-step guide to getting the doors open to your practice.  Avoid costly mistakes and wasted time by using the proven methods that have helped 200+ pelvic health business start and grow.

✅ If you're seriously considering starting a practice but aren't quite sure, this is also for you!

If entrepreneurship is something you're considering, this course is going to help you decide if it's right for you.  Many times we can spend years thinking "what if" about a business.  This course will ask the practical questions - either it will make it clear you have the drive to start, or it might show you this isn't the right path for you.  Either way, clarity is going to be valuable for you going forward.

✅ If you're not sure whether cash-based, insurance or hybrid practice is best, this is for you!

We will walk through the pros and cons of each different model and help you decide what fits your goals, life and Clinical Ethos.  

❌ If you already have a business, this isn't for you


You'll want to look into our Business Accelerator Program to grow, scale and make your current business more profitable. 

❌ If you're looking for a 'get-rich-quick' scheme, this isn't for you

Building a successful business takes hard work, dedication and perseverance.  Our course gives you the step-by-step instructions you need, but you'll be responsible for putting in the work to make it a reality.


❌ If you're looking for information on insurance credentialing, also not for you

While this course can be used by cash, hybrid or insurance-based practices, it's not a deep dive into insurance practices, credentialing and negotiation.  You can still get the business up and running, but you'll have to figure out that insurance noise on your own ;).  

"If you are considering stepping out on your own, this class is a must!" - April R., Effingham Pelvic Health

Spelled everything out in a way that was understandable to non business people!" - Brittany H.

"You pay in time or money and this course was well worth the money to save tremendous time and headache" - Allison B.

If you're starting a pelvic health practice, this course is absolutely a no-brainer!  It's the guide we wish had been available when starting PelvicSanity, and has helped 300+ pelvic practices grow.

Program Details

What do I get in the Business Kickstart Program?

Start-Up Checklist

Complete list of everything you need to confidently start

17 Modules

Step-by-step video instructions on everything you need to open your doors

Clinic Forms

Descriptions and samples of clinic forms to save you thousands on attorney fees

Business Practice Plan

Guiding you through a two-page Practice Plan to articulate your vision for your practice, know your financial runway and avoid mistakes early in the biz

Budget Template

Get a pelvic health specific budget template to help understand your costs and set your pricing to pay yourself first

Choose Your Business Entity

The information you need to choose your business entity and tax status

Equipment List

Save hours by using our start-up equipment list to find the equipment and supplies you need to get the doors open

Pricing Guide

Determine your pricing, charge what you're worth and confidently state your prices

Superbill Guide

Whether you're using an EMR or giving individual superbills, this guide will make sure you have all the information your patients need to get reimbursed

✅ Pricing

We know we could charge thousands for these resources, but we want to eliminate the barriers to you getting started!  Building a business can be intimidating - this is the step-by-step guide to get you started.  Everything you need and nothing you don't.


We see new pelvic entrepreneurs being taken advantage of as they get started.  Attorneys charging thousands to 'review their forms' or create an employee handbook (for just you!).  Web designers charging $10,000 for a simple website and 'SEO.'   

Instead, we created this Business Kickstart for $297.  We know how difficult it can be when you're starting - we've done it ourselves and helped more than 300 pelvic businesses - and you shouldn't have to pay thousands or spend weeks (or months) figuring it all out yourself.


Two patient visits will pay for the entire course - we want this to be an absolute no-brainer for pelvic entrepreneurs, because we all benefit from new business owners!


We also have a full, money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with the program for any reason, just ask us for a refund in the first 30 days.  No questions asked!

What do Participants Say?

Honest responses about what the course has meant...


Rising Biz Resources

  • Helped 400+ pelvic health practices start and grow

  • Resources from just starting out to CEO-Level growth

  • Making every stage of your business journey smoother

  • On average, participants have doubled their patient volume (and revenue)

  • Not a 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy - you need to build a biz that works for you!

Pelvic PT Rising Business Coaching Program Summary.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Why create this Kickstart program?

We know how challenging it is to start a business.  And we don't have training in this!  We see a lot of pelvic rehab providers either taken advantage of with exorbitant fees for help along the way or delaying (for weeks, months or years) because they don't know the right answers. 


You deserve a streamlined, step-by-step guide from someone who has been there before and helped hundreds of other business owners along the way.  

Do I need prior business knowledge?

Not at all!  This course is designed to guide you through the process step-by-step so you can be confident you're doing everything right as you build your business

How is the course administered?

This is a self-paced course, so you can go through it at your own pace.  If you're racing through it you can complete most of these steps within 2-3 weeks.  If you don't have as much time to devote to it, it might be more like 6 weeks (or longer).  You'll have lifetime access to the material, so can always come back to it.

Is this course relevant if I'm planning a cash-based, hybrid or insurance-based practice?

Absolutely!  In fact, one of our modules helps you choose between those options.  (Spoiler alert: we generally would recommend a cash-based practice, but you'll get info on all the options for an informed decision).

I'm not sure if or when I want to start - should I still take this course?

Part of the planning portion of this course goes through reasons to start (or not!).  If you're on the fence, it will give you clarity on whether this is the right fit.  And you'll have lifetime access to the materials, so even if you're waiting a while you can always go back to it!


Does this course go into sales and marketing?


No - this Kickstart program focuses on helping you get the doors open as quickly and efficiently as possible.  After that, the challenge shifts to getting the phones to ring and booking clients (and we have some resources for that part of your journey).


Is there 1:1 or Group Coaching in this course?


No, this is a stand-alone course with the video resources, downloads and start-up checklist to get your business running.  Once you are operational, you can look into the Pelvic Business Accelerator Program with both group and 1:1 coaching!

What if I'm not satisfied with this course?

We're extremely confident you'll find a ton of value in the course (way more than the cost), but if for any reason you aren't satisfied, let us know - we're happy to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked.

What are the next steps if I'd like to keep working with Pelvic PT Rising as my business grows?

The next step in our program is our Business Accelerator Program (after you complete the Kickstart program and get up and running).

It's a six-month intensive done with a group and a dedicated coach where you go through the business systems, sales and marketing, and clinical buy-in you'll need to grow.

We've helped 300+ pelvic health practices grow and we're passionate about helping others build the business they dream about and serve patients.

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