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Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Map

Created by Nicole & Jesse Cozean, this is the global map of Pelvic Health Practitioners! Whether you’re a patient looking for a trained specialist, a practitioner looking to give a referral, or looking for a new position or to hire a practitioner - this map is for you! 

How to Get on The Map!

The more pelvic rehab practitioners we have on the map, the more we can keep the field moving forward! 

  • Want to join as a practitioner? Fill out this form to get on the map. 

  • Want to place a job positing to hire a pelvic rehab provider?  Fill out this form



Our story

Nicole and Jesse Cozean founded Pelvic PT Rising to provide clinical and business resources to physical therapists to change the way we treat pelvic health. PelvicSanity Physical Therapy together in 2016.  It grew quickly into one of the largest cash-based physical therapy practices in the country.

Through Pelvic PT Rising, Nicole has created clinical courses ( to help pelvic health providers gain confidence in their skills and provide frameworks to get better patient outcomes.  Together, Jesse and Nicole have helped 400+ pelvic practices start and grow through the Pelvic PT Rising Business Programs ( to build a practice that works for them!

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