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Game-changing online courses that will make you more confident, challenge the way you think and benefit your patients
IC Course

The comprehensive resource for Pelvic PTs to better evaluate, treat and resolve symptoms for complex IC patients.

"You HAVE to take this course if you feel like you don't enjoy working with IC patients because they are so complex and you feel lost." -Allison I.

Pelvic PT Essentials

The framework you need to build your clinical reasoning, progress patients and find confidence in your practice!

"Best continuing education course I've ever taken, hands down. All online and very affordable."  

- Emily M.

Rectal Course

Integrating rectal evaluation and treatment into clinical practice to "find the why" for patients of all diagnoses

"Nicole is a dynamic presenter. It feels like you are learning from her in person instead of on the computer."

- Elana H. 

Nicole has personally  trained dozens of physical therapists - in her clinic, while running a hospital program, through Herman & Wallace, internationally and with her mentees around the country.  All of them felt they were missing important pieces to be confident and effective when working with patients, especially complex cases.

Find Your Confidence

Pelvic PT Rising courses are practical and immediately applicable.  Use these frameworks to become more confident in your treatment and provide better outcomes for your patients

✔️️ All Online - Watch these courses from the comfort of your home, without travel or hotel costs.

✔️ Go At Your Own Pace - Take the course at your convenience, when it makes sense for you.

✔️ Lifetime Access - Revisit the information as often as you need with lifetime access.

✔️ Handouts - Download and utilize handouts that support the material. 

✔️Live Q&As - Get answers to any questions with Live Q&As for each course.

✔️Unprecedented Access - Access to courses, regardless of where you live!

✔️Rise with Us! - Be part of the Rising community, pelvic PTs dedicated to providing amazing care to our patients!

Wondering where to start?  Take our Flagship Essentials course for a framework that guides your entire practice!


Aliza A.

This course is a must for any pelvic floor therapist! I took the course with the hope to improve my confidence in clinical reasoning to effectively treat a patient, and this course definitely won't regret taking this course!

Jen M.

I am growing from this course into the clinician I want to be. It is easy to lose sight of yourself in a hospital, so I know I will be coming back to this content (probably quarterly) to remind myself to strive to be better and the best version of myself

Sarahann C.

I feel very empowered that I know what I am doing, and if I don't I have the tools to figure it out...


If you are looking for a course that helps you streamline clinical skills and think a little more big picture this is the course for you!