Pelvic PT Essentials Course

The framework you need to utilize the skills you already have to become a more confident, skillful clinician for the best patient care!
Sound Familiar?
  • I'm not always confident about where to go next with a patient
  • I'm not sure I'm providing the best possible care
  • I sometimes get "frozen" with complex patients
  • I haven't had a 1:1 clinical mentorship
  • I wonder if I'm missing something when my patients plateau
  • I sometimes feel I'm chasing symptoms but not reaching the underlying "why" of their issues
You're not alone!  More than 350 pelvic PTs have gained more confidence and a clinical framework with Pelvic PT Essentials!
Nicole has personally  trained dozens of physical therapists - in her clinic, while running a hospital program, through Herman & Wallace, internationally and with her mentees around the country.  All of them felt they were missing important pieces to be confident and effective when working with patients, especially complex cases.

Essentials Contents

The Essentials is just that - essential.  The framework you need to be confident and effective even with the most complex cases. 

✔️️ Finding your Ethos - define what you believe about how pelvic PT should be practiced

✔️ Optimize your Intake Forms - Streamline your evaluations by utilizing your intake forms.

✔️ Prioritize in your Evals - Get the most information and patient buy-in from the first visit. 

✔️ The Four Stages of Treatment - Confidently progress your patient through the plan of care. 

✔️ Avoid Plateaus - Ensure you don't get stuck in a rut with complex patients. 


✔️ Communication Strategies - Improve buy-in and communication, be direct, and ask the tough questions. 

✔️BONUS - Live Q&A to answer any and all questions! 

✔️BONUS - Action plans at the end of each module for immediate implementation

✔️BONUS - Access to patient handouts

✔️BONUS - Access to Pelvic PT Essentials Alumnae Facebook group, with more than 200 pelvic PTs who have committed to improving their skills with the Essentials course!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course administered?

The entire course is done online and at your own pace.  You have lifetime access to the material to review and reference as well!  You can watch on either the computer or phone.

Each module has an action plan at the end to implement the material and a Q&A session addressing all the questions from the content as well!

How much experience do I need to take the course?

The course bridges the gap between con-ed and real clinical practice  So we would say you should definitely have taken Pelvic Floor 1 and be seeing at least some pelvic patients to get the most of out the course, but you don't need a certain level of experience to get everything out of the course. 


We've had participants ranging from just a few months in pelvic health to participants with 10+ years and a WCS.  Remember, you'll also have lifetime access to the content, so if you want to go back and revisit it later, you always can!

Why is the course online instead of in-person?

This course is about helping you apply the hands-on skills you ALREADY have to be more skilled and confident.  Keeping the course online also makes it more financially accessible.  With more than 12 hours of content, this course (including travel, hotel and the course cost) would likely be more than $2,500 to take in-person.

Course Introduction


Aliza A.

This course is a must for any pelvic floor therapist! I took the course with the hope to improve my confidence in clinical reasoning to effectively treat a patient, and this course definitely won't regret taking this course!

Jen M.

I am growing from this course into the clinician I want to be. It is easy to lose sight of yourself in a hospital, so I know I will be coming back to this content (probably quarterly) to remind myself to strive to be better and the best version of myself

Sarahann C.

I feel very empowered that I know what I am doing, and if I don't I have the tools to figure it out...


If you are looking for a course that helps you streamline clinical skills and think a little more big picture this is the course for you!