Business Resources for Pelvic PTs

The business resources you need to feel confident as you build and grow your business.  We want every pelvic PT business owner to find success - whatever that means for you!

A cash-based pelvic PT (or dreaming of it)?

We don't get the business skills we need in school!  And the information out there isn't specific to our pelvic health niche.  We wanted to create the resources pelvic PTs need to succeed!

Not sure where to start?  Fill out the Pelvic PT Business Survey to let us know more about you and we'll let you know what would be the best fit!

Where Should I Start?

  1. If you're seeing less than 10 patients per week, the Business Foundations course

  2. If you're above 10 patients per week but not as full as you want your schedule, the Marketing Course is for you!

  3. Ready to put your foot on the gas with 1:1 Mentoring and our Rising Program?  Check out the Mentorship Program!

  4. Not sure?  Take the Business Owner Survey and we'll get in touch with our recommendations

"Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business."
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The step-by-step guide to getting to 10+ patients per week with a solid foundation for growth

Marketing for Pelvic PTs

Grow beyond 10 patients per week with a comprehensive, pelvic PT marketing strategy

Business Mentorship

Join the Pelvic PT Rising Community!  1:1 Mentorship and resources to expedite your growth


Kari C.

In June I was seeing 4-6 patients per week; two months later I was completely full at 18 patients per week and looking to expand into a new space!

Megan R.

Y’all rock! When I first started in your 1-on-1 biz coaching I was at 3 patients per week. Now, 3 months later during a pandemic, I am over 20 patients per week and thinking about hiring!

Pelvic PT Owner

I doubted that I would ever be able to work for myself full time, but they have helped make it happen and given life changing guidance along the way. Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business.