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Rising Elite!
1:1 Business Mentorship & Community for Pelvic Providers

Proven techniques, individualized coaching and an incredible community!  Grow your business, become more confident and help more people.

  • Fill your schedule
  • Increase profits
  • Pay yourself first
  • Work the days and hours you want
  • Take care of yourself
  • Spend more time with the family
  • Reduce the stress of running a business
  • And enjoy the process!

"Their mentorship is literally the best money I've spent since starting a business"

- Kari C.

"If you're considering doing it, you should have signed up yesterday.  Invest in yourself!"

- Jen Morgan

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Set up your marketing system to get great patients on autopilot

Rising Elite

Pelvic Business Coaching - Business Systems.png


Work the days and times YOU want

Pelvic Business Coaching - Clinical Excellence.png


Pay yourself first, build wealth and change your financial future

Rising Elite
1:1 Business Mentorship & Community

If you've been through the Business Accelerator Program, you now have better business foundations than 90% of business owners!  Now is the fun part - getting to that elite level and truly building a business that works for you.

(If you haven't been through the Accelerator, check it out - it's the prerequisite to 1:1 Mentorship.  Whether you're just starting out or at $1M+ in revenue, it's the foundation you need to build on successfully).

If you're looking to grow beyond yourself, that means a whole new set of skills.  Hiring, onboarding, clinical mentorship and leading a team all become essential.  There's a lot of ways to get this wrong (we've made most of these mistakes ourselves!).

If you're hoping to settle into Happy as a Little Clam, it's about getting great patients on autopilot, working your perfect schedule and meeting your financial goals.

This is where individualized coaching comes in.  Just like patients need individualized care to reach their goals, we need individualized coaching to meet ours.  And if you're looking to be Elite - in any aspect of life - you need coaching to get there.

Our coaches guide you through every step of the process.  Not just growing the business, but helping you grow in confidence as a business owner.  We take the guesswork out of the process and show you exactly where to focus your effort for the results you want. 

On average, practices have more than doubled their patient load (and revenue!) in the first year in the program.  It's also why we ask for a 1-yr commitment - there's no easy fix and building a business takes time!

We're Nicole & Jesse Cozean, and we've been where you are!

We started PelvicSanity in 2016 and couldn't find great coaching or resources.  We made A LOT of mistakes as we built the business into one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.

We made it our mission to create the programs we wish had been available to us!

Since then we've helped 500+ pelvic health owners grow their practice, enjoy the process and build a business that truly works for them.

Excited for you to graduate into Rising Elite, join the exclusive community and take the guesswork out of business ownership!

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Change your trajectory in 3 minutes!

Step 1 || Register Online

Click the link, pay $1 to reserve your spot (yes, we trust you) and you're in!

Step 2 || Onboarding

We'll do an orientation call, get you into the group, get you access to the resources.  On, and we'll send your Rising swag!

Step 3 || Build an Elite Business

You'll sign up for your first 1:1 call, join the group and get going on building an Elite business!

Rising Elite
Program Details

Be a part of the Rising Elite community!  Working together as we fill your schedule, increase revenue, hire staff and build a business that truly works for you!


✅ Private Rising Elite Facebook group where you can get questions answered and connect with the top business owners in pelvic health

✅ Weekly 'Office Hours' with Rising Coaches to make sure you get the help you need

✅ Monthly group coaching calls with Nicole and Jesse teaching on all aspects of business success

✅ 1:1 Coaching Call with Rising Coach every six weeks for accountability

✅ Private Mentorship Retreat in San Clemente, exclusively for Rising Elite members

✅ Access to the Rising Library, including a Marketing Course, Business Foundations, Business Accelerator, Hiring Modules, and more!

Commit for at least a year to see the changes you want in your business.  Investment is $697 per month (less than getting 1 new patient each month!)

What's the ROI?

Breakeven Point

The program pays for itself if it brings in 1 new patient every 2 months (or less than 6 per year)

Tangible ROI

On average, mentees in the program doubled their patient volume and revenue in the first year!  

Intangible ROI

The benefit of being part of a community, getting your questions answered, having guidance from those who have been there before are critical to enjoying the journey!

Breakeven point for Accelerator and Rising.png

Common Hesitations & "Yeah, Buts..."

I haven't fully completed everything in the Accelerator Program yet, I think I want to wait until I do everything perfectly...

No!  This is perfectionism holding you back.  No one has ever implemented it all perfectly (we still go back to these basics at PelvicSanity to improve).  If you want to wait until it's perfect, you'll be waiting forever.

This is like a patient telling you they aren't going to come in because they haven't done their exercises.  "So you think the answer is LESS accountability?"  Your 1:1 calls will help prioritize what is most important and have you focused on the right things.

I know I'll need help when I hire, but I'm not quite ready for that so I think I'll wait....

Again, no!  How you prepare to hire is critical to ensure you're bringing someone onboard into a well-running machine!

But it's more expensive than the Accelerator Program...

Of course it is - it's the full Rising Elite mentorship & community!  Not only are you a part of the top business owners in pelvic health, you're getting 1:1 mentorship with a coach who has already been where you are. 


And you already know our answer to this one...What's the return on investment for you?

If you get one extra patient a month (~$1,500 per patient), you'll more than double your investment.  And our bet is you'll be getting significantly more than that.

Historically our mentees have doubled their patient volume (and revenue) over the course of their first year in the program.  That's the difference with 1:1 coaching!

And beyond the financial ROI, you'll also be saving time, getting questions answered immediately and enjoying the process with an awesome community of colleagues who will become friends.

I've grown so much in the Accelerator, I think I'm all set...


If only business ownership were that easy!  We're glad you're doing well, but this is where it gets fun - you get to make the business truly work for you.

Whether that's hiring and becoming a leader of your team or truly settling into 'Happy as a Little Clam' solopreneur life.

The patient example here is the person who stops coming in the moment they see an improvement in symptoms - how long does it usually take for a setback or reversal if you don't continue putting in the work?

To become elite in any aspect of life, individualized coaching and surrounding yourself with the best are the two most critical components - both of which you find in Rising Elite

What if there's someone local to me in the program?

This can definitely happen - and so what?  There's more than enough pelvises to go around.  We've had three mentees all in one small town who all thrived before!

But if you're that worried about your competition, do you really want them to be the only one in the program and getting all the help?

My schedule is full, so I think I'm 'Happy as a Little Clam' already...

Getting (and staying) in 'Happy as a Little Clam isn't easy, and not often accomplished in just a few months.  Are you...

  • Getting ideal patients on autopilot (often with a long wait list) and not worrying about whether the schedule is full?

  • Making as much as you'd like, paying yourself first (and consistently), saving for taxes and funding your retirement to reduce tax burdens?

  • Holding a buffer of at least three months profit in your business to weather any ups and downs?

  • Working the exact days and hours you want, taking time off to spend with your family?

  • Only doing work you love and have eliminated/delegated everything else?

That's where we want each of you who stays a solopreneur.  If you aren't there yet, that's what Mentorship helps with!

Other Questions?  Fill out the form and let us know!

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