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The comprehensive resource for Pelvic PTs to better evaluate, treat and resolve symptoms for complex IC patients

Sound Familiar?

  • Interstitial cystitis patients are always so challenging
  • How do I guide my patient's overall care when I don't know enough myself?
  • Do they even have IC or is it just pelvic floor dysfunction?
  • How do I talk to a patient about diet?
  • What areas of the pelvic floor and external structures should I concentrate on with an IC patient?  Where do I start?
  • What are these instillations, medications and other medical management?

You're not alone!  IC is a challenging diagnosis, but we can make a huge difference for our patients with the right information and training!

IC: Evaluation and Treatment

Treating IC patients requires an in-depth understanding not just of the pelvic floor component but also medical management, diet and more. Complex IC patients can leave us feeling frustrated, confused and dreading seeing them on the schedule.

But with the right training we can transform the lives of our patients with IC, restoring them to happy, healthy lives - that's what this course is all about!

"THE course to take for current, evidence-based treatment for interstitial cystitis...The best value for my continuing education budget this year!" - Amy H.

This course is for Pelvic Health PTs:

✔️ Who want to provide the highest level of care for their patients with IC

✔️ Who feel a little overwhelmed with complex cases and don't always know where to start or go next

✔️ Who want to guide their patient's care to get the best possible outcomes

✔️ Who want to "find the why" to get to the true root cause of pain and urinary urgency/frequency


Become more confident with even the most complex IC patients and create life-changing outcomes

Amy H.

This is THE course to take for current, evidence based, treatment for interstitial cystitis. Nicole provides organized and digestible information...The best value for my continuing education budget this year!

Caity M.

IC is a diagnosis I never felt confident in treating. After this course I am excited to spread my new found knowledge and skills to patients and clinicians.

Erin A.

I feel extremely equipped to treat a patient with IC after taking this course, and more confident in all of my patient interactions as well. I would highly recommend this course to anyone

IC Course Contents

This course is a comprehensive look at evaluating, treating and guiding your patient's care.  Feel confident treating complex IC and pelvic pain patients!

13 Full-Length Modules

Comprehensive info about all aspects of the condition.

Prioritize your Evaluation

Learn what to focus on when you first start working with a patient.

Hands-on Internal Techniques

Learn which pelvic floor muscles most PTs don't properly evaluate. 

Ortho and External Considerations 

Work with your patient to "find the why" of dysfunction. 

Busting the IC Myths

Learn the truth to properly educate your IC patient. 

Progressing your Patient

Learn to prognosticate and progress your patient through treatment.​

IC Diet

Learn about the 'IC Diet' and what your patients really should be doing.

BONUS - Nicole's IC Knowledge Bombs

Get the straight facts on controversial IC topics.

BONUS - IC Patient Handouts

Start using immediately in your clinic.

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