Pelvic PTs: Rising Together

Clinical courses to make you more confident in your practice and get better patient outcomes.

Business resources to ensure you find success - whatever that means for you!

How we Help

So many pelvic PTs feel lost, uncertain or 'drowning' when dealing with complex patients.  It can be hard to know where to start, or you end up stuck in a rut with your treatment plan.  There's a lack of mentorship in our field and con-ed courses don't always give the practical information you need.

On the business side we're not taught any skills in school and often spend years in trial and error to learn what will work in pelvic health.  We take the guesswork out of the process so you can focus on growing your business!

Pelvic PT Rising was founded to provide resources to make you more confident and successful in your practice and career.


Online Clinical Courses

Courses that don't just teach tools, but actually how to think, ensuring you're a more confident and competent clinician


The Pelvic PT Huddle


Creating a community of more than 6,000 pelvic PTs to collaborate, learn and grow with weekly free trainings


Business Resources

Helping 100+ cash-based pelvic PTs build their dream practice; treating ideal patients while enjoying the process!


Pelvic PT Rising Podcast


Podcast specifically for pelvic PTs with clinical wisdom, business ideas and life insight, all to help you become more confident as we rise


Research Library

Library of the most important research in the field of pelvic health, curated by the Pelvic PT Rising team and constantly growing


Email Insights and Tools

Twice-weekly emails with clinical pearls, updates on the field, thoughts from the clinic and business tools specifically for pelvic PTs

Pelvic PT Essentials

Bridging the gap between training courses and patient care.  Increase your confidence and apply the skills you ALREADY have!   

"Could not recommend this course enough! So glad I was apart of it! It has changed my practice and given me the confidence I was missing." 

- Kat T.

"Best continuing education course I've ever taken, hands down. All online and very affordable." 

- Emily M.

One-on-One Business Mentoring

Our Business Mentoring program works with you to start or grow your business.  Our step-by-step program will accelerate your progress and help you avoid common pitfalls to build a successful business.

Learn the same processes that built PelvicSanity into one of the largest cash-based clinics in the country in just 3 years.  Whether your goal is to start or scale your own practice, we'd love to help!

About Nicole

Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS is a pelvic health specialist, author, and entrepreneur.  Her cash-based clinic PelvicSanity has grown to 7-figure revenue and 9 employees in just three years.  Specializing in complex cases, the PelvicSanity team has treated more than 70 out-of-town patients who have flown in for treatment.

Nicole founded Pelvic PT Rising to elevate the profession of pelvic physical therapy and improve the care patients receive around the world.  She teaches courses both online and in-person, and mentors in both the clinical and business side of pelvic physical therapy.

Her flagship course, Pelvic PT Essentials, has already helped hundreds of PTs gain more confidence in the clinic.  She is also the co-host of the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast and the author of the IC Solution.  She was named Chapman University's Alumnae of the Year, the IC Network Physical Therapist of the Year, and is the first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors.

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