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Too Busy to Grow in Your Business

Ever feel like you're running on a treadmill in your business, working endlessly without actually growing? You may be in the 'too busy to grow' phase - and it's easy to get stuck there.

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There will always be challenges in business; being 'too busy' is actually a good problem to have! But it's a problem nonetheless, and it can actually harm your growth.

When we get more patients in the door, we're taking more time to treat. But that also means more documentation time, more admin, more phone calls, more cancellations, more scheduling. And less time to advance the business.

We see this happen in three major categories:

  • Stuck in a Side Hustle - If you're working for someone else part of the week and trying to hustle for patients, you may be too busy to grow. You want to hit a 'magic number' of patients before you leave your other job, but it's impossible to hit that number with the limited time you have!

  • Slammed Solopreneur - This often happens when you grow quickly as a solopreneur. You're seeing 20+ patients a week, doing all the admin tasks and probably working 50+s (and definitely more than you want) in the business. You don't have time to put up an ad, hire, train and onboard, or do the things you know could grow your practice.

  • Busy Multi-Clinician Practice - These folks have hired but are often still seeing a substantial patient load (maybe less than before, but still a lot of time!). You don't feel like you have time to get out and marketing, consistently mentor and train your team, or do any of the 'big-picture' things a leader needs to do.

So reflect with this 'sode - "am I too busy to grow?" Do you have enough margin in your business? Enough time to be creative? Great boundaries?

If not, we have a few suggestions - enjoy the 'sode!

As Nicole said on the full 'sode of the topic...

"Do you have enough margin in your business? Enough time to be creative? Great boundaries?" - Nicole Cozean

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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising and PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Southern California.

Dedicated to forever changing pelvic health with online clinical courses to help you be more confident in your practice and business resources to help start and grow pelvic health businesses.

Jesse Cozean, MBA

Co-founder of the Pelvic PT Rising and the Rising Podcast.

Jesse uses his business experience to help pelvic health business owners start and grow their practices so they can build a practice that truly works for them. From website design, SEO, conversions, marketing, finance and money mindset, he wants to make the process of owning your own practice easier and fun.

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