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Pros and Cons of a Cash-Based Practice

We're taking an honest look at the pros and cons of working in a cash practice.

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As most of you know, PelvicSanity is a cash practice and we've been working without interacting with insurance companies for more than 7 years.

But that might not be the right decision for everyone. So we want to lay out the pros and cons. Whether you're a 'wannabe' considering your options or an already established business wanting to make sure you got it right, this should help!

Clinical - Cash

Cash practice gets insurance completely out of the picture. Hour-long (or two-hour) treatment sessions, wellness, working with patients for a longer plan of care - as long as you and the patient believe it's worthwhile, you can do what you clinically believe!

Financial - Cash

In terms of profit margin and the financial metrics, a cash practice wins. You have control over your profit margin, instead of insurance capping reimbursement. There are no cash flow issues.

Marketing & Sales - Insurance

This is always the biggest challenge for cash-based practices. Being 'in network' literally means you're part of a referral network. You might still have to do some work, but you should have a much easier time in an insurance practice of getting patients to call and schedule. Your ability to do this in a cash practice is vital for success.

Ability to Grow - Tie

Both types of practices can grow, and have different issues. An insurance-based practice often has the patient volume to grow, but with low profit margins it can be difficult to hire and expand while still paying yourself. A cash practice can expand with good profit margins, but the marketing and sales need to be on point.

Lifestyle - Cash

With a cash practice you can work fewer hours. You don't have insurance BS. You don't have a biller. And you can treat how you want.

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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising and PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Southern California.

Dedicated to forever changing pelvic health with online clinical courses to help you be more confident in your practice and business resources to help start and grow pelvic health businesses.

Jesse Cozean, MBA

Co-founder of the Pelvic PT Rising and the Rising Podcast.

Jesse uses his business experience to help pelvic health business owners start and grow their practices so they can build a practice that truly works for them. From website design, SEO, conversions, marketing, finance and money mindset, he wants to make the process of owning your own practice easier and fun.

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