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How ANY Exercise Can Be a Pelvic Floor Exercise

In every other way we strengthen, our goal is to best mimic the real world challenge. We do this in ortho, in sports-specific why not pelvic health?

5 Reminders When Treating Chronic Pain

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When starting to take introductory pelvic health classes, one thing left me confused - when are we doing volitional contractions in real life? Sure, occasionally when we're really trying to hold back urine as we find a bathroom.

But approaching pelvic health through an ortho lens, it never made sense to me why we wouldn't be trying to approximate the real life challenges our patients go through.

I've always wanted to get patients up off the table. Treat in a more functional manner. Train towards the task they are having trouble with.

(As a bonus - it's also a lot more fun for both us and the patient!!)

It took me more than six years of teaching about this, training and organizing my thoughts to put out the Essential Pelvic Strengthening: Not Your Mama's Kegels course. If you're interested in learning more about treating more functionally, check it out!

Essential Pelvic Strengthening: Not Your Mama's Kegels course

Now open for Cohort 2 of the 'Not Your Mama's Kegels' course! Get $50 off the course AND access to a LIVE Q&A when you register before March 17th. More than 300 of you went through it in the first cohort, and it was a game-changer for so many of you in your clinical practice. Check it out (!

As Nicole said in the full episode:

“We don’t coddle people here - they are going to leave this office and do something more difficult than a calf raise…" - Nicole Cozean

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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising and PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Southern California.

Dedicated to forever changing pelvic health with online clinical courses to help you be more confident in your practice and business resources to help start and grow pelvic health businesses.

Jesse Cozean, MBA

Co-founder of the Pelvic PT Rising and the Rising Podcast.

Jesse uses his business experience to help pelvic health business owners start and grow their practices so they can build a practice that truly works for them. From website design, SEO, conversions, marketing, finance and money mindset, he wants to make the process of owning your own practice easier and fun.

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