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Pelvic Health Equipment List

We have compiled the most common supplies, equipment and resources pelvic health practitioners need when starting their practice.  Need more help?  Find out more about the Pelvic PT Rising Business Mentoring Program!​


Office Equipment

*Where possible, we have linked to the items we have used at PelvicSanity. Some of these may be affiliate links (which don't change the price you pay but do put a few pennies into our account).

Recommended Books

The IC Solution.jpg

The IC Solution

Nicole & Jesse Cozean

The compete guide for patients and practitioners treating interstitial cystitis.

Explain Pain.webp

Explain Pain

David Butler & Lorimer Moseley


Great resource on pain science for practitioners working with pain patients.

Pelvic Pain Explained.jpg

Pelvic Pain Explained​

Stephanie Prendergast & Elizabeth Akinciler


A highly detailed explanation of how pelvic pain occurs and how to treat it; an excellent resource for patients and practitioners alike.

Anatomy Trains.webp

Anatomy Trains

Thomas Myers


A multi-dimensional understanding of anatomy demonstrating the links between seemingly-unconnected areas.

Heal Pelvic Pain.jpg

Heal Pelvic Pain

Amy Stein

A concise and patient-friendly book giving a straightforward stretching regimen for pelvic health. 

When Sex Hurts.jpg

When Sex Hurts

Goldstein, Goldstein & Pukall

A description of the medical causes of painful intercourse from three leaders in the field.

Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain.web

Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain

Jerome Weiss

A concise and patient-friendly book giving a straightforward stretching regimen for pelvic health. 

Sex without Pain.png

Sex without Pain

Heather Jeffcoat


A self-treatment guide to alleviating painful intercourse focusing on both a dilator and stretching program.

A Headache in the Pelvis.jpg

A Headache in the Pelvis

David Wise & Rodney Anderson

An explanation and treatment plan for men with chronic prostatitis written by researchers from Stanford University.

Ending Female Pelvic Pain.jpg

Ending Female Pain

Isa Herrera


Worked with cash-based Pelvic PTs to expedite their growth and develop the systems for a successful, sustainable practice

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