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10-Minute Marketing Ideas for Busy Biz Owners ||
Free Training & Accelerator Kick-Off!

How do you consistently market when you have so many demands on your time as a business owner?

  • Other than 'just another Instagram post', what can you be doing?
  • What can you do with small snatches of time between calls or patients?
  • How can you keep your foot on the gas even when you're busy?
  • Taught live on 6/20 (replay available for limited time as well)

5 (Unexpected) Benefits of Business Coaching

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None of us leave school trained in how to start and run a business.  It can be an overwhelming process as we learn by trial and error.  This results in wasted money, lost time and slow or stalled growth - along with a ton of frustration for us as business owners!  We certainly felt this as we grew PelvicSanity, wading through all the conflicting business advice and not knowing who to trust.

It's why we're on a mission to create the resources we wish had been there for us!  Because you can create a business that works for you, meets your financial needs, allows you time flexibility and one you actually enjoy!

5 (Unexpected) Benefits of Business Coaching

Here are the biggest benefits of business coaching - and we're not even going to talk about increased revenue or return on investment!

1.  Accountability


Having a coach provides built-in accountability, ensuring that you stay focused, motivated, and accountable for taking action towards your goals.  Coaching keeps us from getting 'stuck in a rut' and moves the business forward.


For those of us who are former athletes, we get it!  Would we have really showed up for all those practices, weight lifting, or other workouts without a coach and team behind us?

2.  ​Community That Gets Us


Running a business can be lonely!  We wonder if we're the only ones dealing with these issues.  Maybe our friends and family want to be supportive, but don't really 'get it'.

A community of people who are both 1) pelvic nerds and 2) business owners?!  Now that's our type of people!  This provides inspiration, new ideas, different perspectives, a shoulder to occasionally cry on and a group to celebrate our wins.

3.  Confidence as a Business Owner

As business owners we all face self-doubt and uncertainty.  We wonder if we're doing everything 'right'.  We go back and forth on different options, never sure if it's really the right path.

Working with a coach can boost your confidence and self-belief, empowering you to take action and build your business the right way.  

4.  Shortcut to Success

A good mentor takes the guesswork out of the process.  They help you focus on what will matter most in the business.  You still have to put in the work, but there's less trial-and-error in the process. 


Many of our mentees have grown significantly faster than we did at PelvicSanity because they're travelling a path that's already been paved!

5.  Building a business that works for you

Whether you started a business to make more money, create time freedom, travel more, be there to pick up your kids - it needs to work for you.  The hallmark of our program is there's no one 'right' way to build a business or measure success.  We want to help you create something that truly serves your needs!

Knowing the benefits of coaching is one thing, but actually making the leap to invest in your business is another.  Don't worry, we're here to help.


If you're looking for ways to accelerate your business, grow as a business owner and actually enjoy the process, we've got you!

We're Nicole & Jesse Cozean, and we've been where you are!

We started PelvicSanity in 2016 and couldn't find great coaching or resources.  We made A LOT of mistakes as we built the business into one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.

We made it our mission to 'lighten the load' for business owners and create the programs we wish had been available to us!

Since then we've helped 500+ pelvic health owners grow their practice, enjoy the process and build a business that truly works for them.

Interested in seeing how you can transform your business in the next six months?  Check out the Business Accelerator Program!

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Pelvic Business Coaching - Marketing and Sales.png

Marketing & Sales

Fill your schedule!  Get the phone ringing and convert leads with proven phone scripts

Pelvic Business Coaching - Business Systems.png

Business Systems

Get confident in the business!  Streamline operations, save time and reduce stress

Pelvic Business Coaching - Clinical Excellence.png

Clinical Excellence

Provide the highest level of care!  Get patient buy-in, for best results and create raving fans of your practice

Get started in less than 3 minutes!

Step 1 || Complete the Application. 

There's no obligation, and it takes just a few minutes of basic business info

Step 2 || Review by Our Team.

We'll make sure you seem like a good fit for the program and get back to you!

Step 3 || Register & Start!

You'll register, go through an orientation call with the others in the program and dive in!

Program Details

What do I get in the Accelerator Program?

✅ 18 Full-Length, Weekly Trainings


Every week you'll have access to a new training.  Each will be actionable and bite-sized for your business.  They'll be in the three most important areas for your business growth:

  • Business Systems - Organize your business, stop profit leaks, win back your time and make your day-to-day more efficient and easier

  • Marketing and Sales - Get the phone ringing with high-quality leads and convert them on the phone to keep your (or your staff) schedule full.

  • Clinical Excellence - Getting clinical buy-in, treating according to your Clinical Ethos and creating satisfied patients who tell their friends and family about your practice.


Private Community

You'll have exclusive access to the Accelerator Facebook group where you can ask all your questions, interact with the other members and get advice from our coaching team.

Monthly Live Call + Q&A

Monthly live group calls with Nicole or Jesse to answer your specific questions, dive deeper into topics and make sure you're progressing in the program.

Templates and Handouts

Get access to the exclusive Rising handouts and templates as you create systems within your business.  These include a budget template, call log, new patient log, weekly dashboard, and more

✅ 1:1 Deep Dive Call

Use your hour-long, 1:1 coaching call with one of our Rising Coaches to ask specific questions, make sure you're on the right track and know what to prioritize.

✅ Pricing

We see 'coaches' out charging exorbitant amounts for unproven advice or just jumping on a call - often $1,500 - $3,000 per month!  That's just insane for a growing practice.  

We know we could charge $20,000+ for this program (and you'd still get that amount of growth!).  But we wanted to create something that is affordable and effective.  This program is $347 per month for the entire six-month program.  No hidden costs.

That's less than bringing in two patients for a full plan of care!  And if you don't think this program can help you find at least two new patients...well, it's definitely not the right fit!

We also have a full, money-back guarantee.  If you're not satisfied with the program for any reason, just ask us for a refund in the first 30 days.  No questions asked!

 "Worth every penny. You will have a completely different business by the end of it." - Melissa S.

From our 2023 Cohort

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