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Essential Pelvic Strengthening Nicole Cozean Course



Assess and strengthen the pelvic floor as a system.  Treat more functionally for better results.

For pelvic health practitioners who want to:

  • Treat more functionally and provide individualized care
  • Get patients up and off the table but don't want to make it weird
  • Have evaluations that are easier, more fun and get more patient buy-in
  • Feel like you're using your whole PT degree again!
  • Be a part of the evolution of the pelvic health field - Pelvic PT 2.0!

"It will totally change the way you see the pelvic floor from initial evaluation through treatment plan of care." - Melinda F.

"I always knew there was a better way to assess strength/function in the pelvic floor. This course gave me a framework to do that." - Sandra M.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

We know there must be a more to strengthening than just voluntary, isolated pelvic floor contractions.  That's where our field has been stuck for almost 80 years!  But we really aren't sure what the evolution of pelvic PT - Pelvic PT 2.0 - looks like.

We can be more functional.  More individualized.  More tailored to the patient's needs and tasks.

We can get patients off the table (without it being weird).  Get more buy-in in our initial evaluation.  Train the pelvic floor in the way it is meant to function.  

And ultimately move the field forward together.

"Absolutely changed the way I practice, how I evaluate, and how I THINK about the pelvic floor.  Pelvic strengthen in the system and for function!" - Sarah P. 

This course is for Pelvic Floor Therapists Who...

✔️ Want to move beyond simple volitional training of the pelvic floor

✔️ Recognize they want to be providing more functional, individualized care for patients

✔️ Understand ANY exercise can be a pelvic floor exercise in the right context

✔️ Want to think more about the system instead of focusing solely on Kegel exercises

✔️ Want to feel like you're using your whole PT degree again

✔️ Realize just Kegeling at red lights isn't going to cut it!


Essential Pelvic Strengthening: Not Your Mama's Kegels has helped 250+ practitioners move beyond an isolationist (Kegel-based) approach to get more functional and provide better outcomes for their patients


Strengthen More Functionally with the

Adaptive Strengthening Approach (TM)

Course Objectives

  • More functional strengthening to get your patient up off the table

  • Understand how any exercise can be a pelvic floor exercise

  • Learn how to do a standing assessment (without it being 'weird!)

  • Be able to replace isolationist strengthening with adaptive strengthening for better patient outcomes

Pelvic Sanity-854-[High-res].jpg

Logistics & Details

  • Online, self-paced and lifetime access

  • Detailed demonstrations on a model and live volunteers

  • 12 full-length modules

  • Anatomy review of the pelvic floor and how it functions in a system




✅  BONUS: Weekly accountability check-ins (if you'd like them!)

Use Your Full Degree Again!

One of the side benefits of a more functional strengthening approach?

It's actually fun!  For both us and our patients.  We get to use the full scope of our degree.  Put the pieces together for our patients.  Figure out the 'why' and address it for true, lasting change.

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Pelvic Sanity-878-[High-res].jpg

What's Included in the Course

After taking this course, we want you to:

✅ Be confident assessing and treating the pelvic floor as part of a system - the way it is designed!
✅ Truly understand the pelvic floor anatomy and how interconnected it is to other systems that we have to be considering
✅ Treat more functionally for more buy-in from patients and better results
✅ Challenge and change the way we approach strengthening with all our patients!
✅ Recognizing - with the right training - any exercise can be a pelvic floor exercise
✅ Be able to use 100% of our expertise and degrees in our sessions!

The Essential Pelvic Strengthening course is all online and at your own pace. Demonstrations are done both on a pelvic model and a live human volunteer.  You'll have lifetime access to the material and the ability to download specific handouts as you go through the material.  The course includes...

  • Comprehensive Literature Review - Understand the evidence we have for pelvic floor strengthening

  • Pelvic Anatomy and Systems - Anatomy is evidence; understand why the pelvic floor works the way it does and the complex interactions with other systems

  • Streamline Your Evaluations - Learn to focus more on function and the task at hand instead of arbitrary strength testing

  • Tailor Strengthening with Task in Mind - Know the pelvic floor demand of certain tasks and how to target your strengthening program for patients

  • Integrate Functional Strengthening - Add function-specific strengthening into your plan of care

  • Standing & Functional Strength Assessment - Learn to assess your patient in functional positions to get task-specific information

  • Challenge Your Thinking - Change your concepts of pelvic floor strengthening with all your patients

Join us as we move the field forward into Pelvic Health 2.0!

Nicole Cozean

  • Founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy and Pelvic PT Rising

  • Author of "The IC Solution"

  • Run the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle 

  • Co-Founder of PelviCon, the first conference by and for pelvic rehab

  • Named ICN Physical Therapist of the Year and first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors

  • Chapman University Alumnae of the Year

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