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Welcome to the Pelvic Health Research Portal, where we have compiled the most important studies in the field of pelvic health as a resource for both practitioners and patients. 


Articles in this directory are organized by diagnosis, and you can use the navigation menu to jump directly to the diagnosis you're looking for.  Each article has a brief description along with the full citation.  Click on the full reference at the bottom-right to be linked directly to the article.  


The Pelvic Health Research Portal is founded by Dr. Nicole Cozean and Dr. Bonnie Lasher, and maintained by the PelvicSanity team.  We have also written individual blog posts on many of these article, which can be found at the PelvicSanity blog.  The team also runs a Facebook group for practitioners to share experience, research and knowledge at the Pelvic PT Huddle, and a free online support group for patients Finding PelvicSanity.


This resource is alive and growing; if you have an article you think should be included, please contact us with the name of the article and a link to where it can be found online.  

Links to the books here are affiliate links - it doesn't change the price that you pay, but if you do purchase a book from Amazon after clicking the link, we do get a few cents in commission that we use to maintain this free resource.

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