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4 Phases of Treatment

From the Pelvic PT Essentials course, this is the framework to get better patient buy-in, work to build resiliency for your patients and answer the tough question "how long until I get better?"

Pelvic PT Essentials

Our field lacks 1:1 mentorship and training.  We get tools from our con-ed courses, but we don't every learn how to think.  This often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated with ourselves (or our patients) and burned out.

The Essentials is just that - the essential bridge between traditional con-ed courses and actual patient care.  You'll learn how to craft your evaluation and progress your patient through the 4 Phases of Treatment - and become a much more confident practitioner along the way!

"Helped me feel more confident in my skills and I believe that has been shining through with patients....I'm already achieving better outcomes" - Karen M.

This course is for Pelvic Health PTs:

✔️ Who want to "find the why" with their patients instead of staying surface-level

✔️ Who feel a little overwhelmed with complex cases and don't always know where to start or go next

✔️ Who want to understand their Clinical Ethos and how they believe pelvic PT should be practiced

✔️ Who struggle to get through everything in their initial evaluation


Pelvic PT Essentials has helped more than 400 practitioners gain more confidence in their treatment plan and use skills they already have to better help their patients

Aliza A.

This course is a must for any pelvic floor therapist! I took the course with the hope to improve my confidence in clinical reasoning to effectively treat a patient, and this course definitely won't regret taking this course!

Brittany H.

This course was so good! Nicole has a great way of explaining concepts and giving input that allows you to learn and apply them yourself. I learned so much about myself and how I want to treat vs. how I am treating from this course. It has reignited my confidence and love of pelvic PT.

Karen M.

Having a more organized and clearly communicated short and long term plan of care has really helped me feel more confident in my skills and I believe that has been shining through in my interactions with patients. I feel that lines of communication have been opened and that I'm already achieving better outcomes.

Pelvic Sanity-849-[High-res].jpg

Nicole Cozean

  • Founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy and Pelvic PT Rising

  • Author of "The IC Solution"

  • Run the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle 

  • Co-Founder of PelviCon, the first conference by and for pelvic rehab

  • Named ICN Physical Therapist of the Year and first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors

  • Chapman University Alumnae of the Year



89 Reviews

The framework you need to utilize the skills you already have to become a more confident, skillful clinician for the best patient care!

Sound Familiar?

  • I'm not always confident about where to go next with a patient
  • I'm not sure I'm providing the best possible care
  • I sometimes get "frozen" with complex patients
  • I haven't had a 1:1 clinical mentorship
  • I wonder if I'm missing something when my patients plateau
  • I sometimes feel I'm chasing symptoms but not reaching the underlying "why" of their issues

You're not alone!  More than 400+ pelvic PTs have gained more confidence and a clinical framework with Pelvic PT Essentials!

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