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Rectal Is Not a Last Resort

Do you feel like rectal treatment is a 'last resort' in your practice?

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We go into why many practitioners are far more comfortable treating vaginally than rectally (it has a lot to do with how many of us were trained).

But without rectal evaluation and treatment, we're literally missing half (the anal triangle) of the pelvic floor!

When rectal is a 'last resort', a few things can happen. Either:

  1. We don't do it at all for our patients

  2. We only do it in 'obvious' situations - bowel complaints, tailbone pain, etc. - but not for many of our other patients

  3. We do it late in the plan of care after the patient has either plateaued or we don't know where else to go.

You might not prioritize rectal because you're not sure it's that important. Hopefully this 'sode will disabuse you of that notion!

You might feel uncomfortable because you've never been trained, or the training felt like an 'add-on' instead of something integral to your practice.

You might be worried about what the patient will think, or that they'll think it's 'weird' or invasive.

We'll discuss each of these concerns and how to overcome them - hope you enjoy the 'sode!

As Nicole said on the full 'sode of the topic...

"Without rectal evaluation and treatment, we're literally missing half of the pelvic floor." - Nicole Cozean

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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising and PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Southern California.

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Jesse Cozean, MBA

Co-founder of the Pelvic PT Rising and the Rising Podcast.

Jesse uses his business experience to help pelvic health business owners start and grow their practices so they can build a practice that truly works for them. From website design, SEO, conversions, marketing, finance and money mindset, he wants to make the process of owning your own practice easier and fun.

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