Business Mentoring.

Exclusively for Pelvic PTs.

Grow your dream business, expedite your rise and fill your schedule with the patients you want to be working with.

Systems for Organization

Organize every aspect of your business and make sure you aren't losing leads, patients and profits to faulty system and processes.

Marketing to Fill the Schedule

Ensure a steady flow of patients with marketing that fits you!  Learn how to create a full schedule and wait list in a way that fits your Ethos.

Plans for Sustained Growth

Smart, strategic growth is crucial.  Make sure that you're growing in the direction you want to be growing to create your dream company!

Expedite Your Growth

Starting a business is an amazing journey, but it's also confusing, frustrating and sometimes downright terrifying.  Our mission is to help other pelvic PTs make the same transition we did and build the practice you envision.

Working with dozens business owners, we've developed a formula for success specific to cash-based pelvic health practices.  Whether you're successful side hustle, a solopreneur looking for a full schedule or a multi-clinician practice, we can help expedite your growth and avoid common mistakes.

Business Mentoring

If you want to get somewhere, ask someone who has been!  We're passionate about helping other pelvic PTs find the same business success that we've enjoyed. 

"Y'all Rock!  When I first started in your 1-on-1 biz coaching I was at 3 patients per week.  Now, 6 weeks later during a pandemic, I'm at 7 patients per week.  I have learned so much already and am so ready to continue to grow with y'all!"

- M.R.

About Nicole

Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS is a pelvic health specialist, author, and entrepreneur.  Her cash-based clinic PelvicSanity has grown to 7-figure revenue and 9 employees in just three years.  Specializing in complex cases, the PelvicSanity team has treated more than 60 out-of-town patients who have flown in for treatment.

Nicole founded Pelvic PT Rising to elevate the profession of pelvic physical therapy and improve the care patients receive around the world.  She teaches courses both online and in-person, and mentors in both the clinical and business side of pelvic physical therapy.


Pelvic PT Essentials

I've already started incorporating new techniques and positioning and can already tell it's changing the art of my practice.  Thank you Nicole!

Pelvic PT Essentials

Thank you Nicole for opening up your life, business, and pelvic practice to us.  True mentorship from a distance, and grateful you created this course!

Pelvic PT Essentials

This was a great exercise that helped me analyse my current set of principles and was also very constructive in helping me design my road map...for next year.


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