Pelvic PT Rising - Business Mentorship Program

Business Mentoring for

Cash-Based Pelvic PTs

The proven techniques and step-by-step coaching to help grow your business, become more confident and help more people!

Want to learn more?  Fill out the Mentorship Application to see if you might be a good fit and we'll get back to you with more info!

Business Mentorship Program

The tools, resources, 1:1 mentorship and coaching program to build your cash-based Pelvic PT practice.  Steps to get started or learn more:

  1. Complete the Rising Business Mentorship Application

  2. Set up a free 30-min Strategy Call to let you know more and see if we would be a good fit together

  3. Schedule your initial 1-hour Deep Dive call and get you you started with all the resources and private group!

"Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business."

Individual meetings every six weeks for a ‘sprint’ in your biz and to identify focus areas



Two hours of weekly coaching, answering specific questions and going over topics of interest



Pre-recorded resource library of the tactics, tools and resources to grow your business in the 5 Pillars

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Join the awesome Rising group for accountability, inspiration, ideas & understanding


Kari C.

In June I was seeing 4-6 patients per week; two months later I was completely full at 18 patients per week and looking to expand into a new space!

Megan R.

Y’all rock! When I first started in your 1-on-1 biz coaching I was at 3 patients per week. Now, 3 months later during a pandemic, I am over 20 patients per week and thinking about hiring!

Pelvic PT Owner

I doubted that I would ever be able to work for myself full time, but they have helped make it happen and given life changing guidance along the way. Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business.