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Business Mentoring for Cash-Based Pelvic Providers

The proven techniques and step-by-step coaching to help grow your business, become more confident and help more people!

"Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business."

Pelvic PT Rising: 1:1 Business Mentorship

None of us leave school trained in how to start and run a business.  It can be an overwhelming process as we learn by trial and error.  This results in wasted money, lost time and slow or stalled growth - along with a ton of frustration for us as business owners!

We created the Pelvic PT Rising Business Mentorship Program to help accelerate other cash-based pelvic health practices.  Our coaches guide you through every step of the process.  Not just growing the business, but helping you grow in confidence as a business owner.  We take the guesswork out of the process and show you exactly where to focus your effort. 

We've helped 125+ pelvic health practices in the Program.  On average, they have more than doubled their patient load (and revenue!) in the first year in the program.  Whether you're just starting out, trying to fill your schedule, or looking to grow beyond yourself, we'd love to help you build a successful, thriving practice.

Not sure if this is the right step for you?  Complete our Entrepreneur Survey and we can help you decide what the best resources are!


✅ If you've been through the Biz Accelerator Program and want more 1:1 guidance

Continue growing your practice, getting accountability, 1:1 advice and the support of the Rising commumnity

✅ If you're looking to fill your schedule and get to 'Happy as a Little Clam'


If you're still hustling for patients or feeling burned out, work towards "Happy as a Little Clam" in your business.

✅ If you're crushing it and you want guidance as you grow, hire and scale

As the saying goes "what got you here won't get you there."  If you're crushing it as a solopreneur or have a part-time hire but want to put your foot on the gas to grow, hire, onboard and scale, we'd love to work with you!

This program probably isn't for you if....

❌ If you haven't done the Business Accelerator Program to get the foundations in place


If you're looking for a 'magic' marketing formula - we focus on both business and personal growth and believe there are no quick fixes

❌ If you're not a pelvic PT or OT, or if you're looking for information on insurance-based practices....this probably isn't for you!

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1:1 Mentorship Program Details

The program that has helped 125+ pelvic business owners fill their schedules, increase revenue, hire staff and build a business that truly works for you!


✅ Private Mentorship Facebook group where you can get questions answered and connect with like-minded business owners for community and accountability

✅ Weekly 'Office Hours' with Rising Coaches to make sure you get the help you need

✅ Monthly group coaching calls with Nicole and Jesse teaching on all aspects of business success

✅ 1:1 Coaching Call with Rising Coach every six weeks for accountability

✅ Private Mentorship Retreat in San Clemente, exclusively for Mentorship members

✅ Access to the Rising Library, including a Marketing Course, Business Foundations, Business Accelerator, Hiring Modules, and more!

Plan for at least a year to see the changes you want in your business.  Investment is $597 per month.

Rising Biz Resources

  • Helped 400+ pelvic health practices start and grow

  • Resources from just starting out to CEO-Level growth

  • Making every stage of your business journey smoother

  • On average, participants have doubled their patient volume (and revenue)

  • Not a 'one-size-fits-all' philosophy - you need to build a biz that works for you!

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