Pelvic PT Marketing Masterclass Series

Fill Your Schedule with Your Perfect Pelvic Patients!

Learn the  4 Pillars of Pelvic PT Marketing to fill your schedule!  Four online Masterclasses to cover all the essential marketing strategies we've used to take our cash-based Pelvic PT practice to 50-60 evaluations and 500 patient visits each month!

Pelvic PT Marketing Series

In June I was seeing 4-6 patients per week; two months later I was completely full at 18 patients per week and looking to expand into a new space!

Get access to the same strategy and tactics we used to build PelvicSanity to a 7-figure cash practice in just three years.....all while surrounded by more than 30 competing pelvic PTs in a 15 mile radius!

These methods have been used by our 1:1 mentees for over a year, and this is the first time they are available to everyone!  Create a steady flow of patients to your practice to fill your schedule, tailored to your strengths and Ethos!

Space is limited - reserve your spot today! 

Marketing 1: Making Yourself Visible so Your Patients Can Find You

In this Masterclass, we go over the introduction to marketing, how to create your marketing plan and making sure your patients can find you!  See how we own our own Google results and where we prioritize our time, effort and energy when it comes to marketing.

Marketing 2: Hustlin' Smart to Get Patients in the Door Today!

This Masterclass dives into getting your patients in the door immediately with patient-focused and practitioner-focused marketing.  We show you how we utilized other people's audiences to start off and how to build relationships to ensure referrers send their patients to you and not your competitors.

Marketing 3: Playing the Long Game to Keep your Practice Popping with Patients

Building your audience and creating a long-term marketing plan to keep your phones ringing and your clinic full.  Learn the social media tactics Nicole has used to build a following of more than 17,000 patients on Instagram and multiple successful Facebook groups, as well as other long-term strategies!

Marketing 4: Automating Your Marketing for a Steady Flow of Patients

Leverage SEO, email marketing and other long-term tactics to maximize your leads with a minimum of daily effort.  See the simple tactics PelvicSanity has used to rank on the first page of Google and build an email list of almost 10,000 

Marketing for Pelvic PTs - Full Course.j
"In June I was seeing 4-6 patients per week; two months later I was completely full at 18 patients per week and looking to expand into a new space!"
-Kari C.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are the Masterclasses Administered?

We'll go through the entire presentation together on Zoom on Tuesday nights (10/27, 11/10, 11/24 and 12/8).

If you can't make one of the times, don't worry!  The full replay will be available shortly afterwards, and you can review as many times as you'd like. 


Each class has actionable items you can do IMMEDIATELY to improve your marketing and bring in more patients!

The Masterclasses will be recorded live, with the opportunity to ask questions.  We anticipate they will be approximately 90 minutes in length.

Who are the Masterclasses For?

These are for any pelvic PTs who want to bring more patients into their practice.  You may already have started but are struggling to fill your schedule, looking to bring in more patients so you can hire or grow, or maybe you're just starting out!

How much does the Series Cost?

The entire 4-part series is only sale now for $197.  You also have the opportunity to purchase an individual Masterclasses individually for $67, but we highly recommend (and offer a 25% discount) to go through the full series!

Marketing for Pelvic PTs - Masterclass Details

Marketing for Pelvic PTs - Full Course.j

We'll do a comprehensive overview of marketing to bring in a steady, sustainable flow of new patients!

✔️️ Action Items - Concrete, proven steps you can take to bring in more patients!

✔️️ Strategy - Make sure you're prioritizing the most important things for you.

✔️️ Tactics - Specific tools to fill your schedule
✔️ Customize to You - Not a one-size-fits-all solution!  Tailor your marketing according to your strengths and what you enjoy doing!

If you get even 1 new patient out of this intensive training, you'll have more than paid for this course!

Even one new patient a month adds up to more than $10,000 in revenue each year!


Kari C.

In June I was seeing 4-6 patients per week; two months later I was completely full at 18 patients per week and looking to expand into a new space!

Megan R.

Y’all rock! When I first started in your 1-on-1 biz coaching I was at 3 patients per week. Now, 3 months later during a pandemic, I am over 20 patients per week and thinking about hiring!

Pelvic PT Owner

It was amazing to put together my full marketing plan!  I had been spending all this time and money without getting results....just by shifting my focus to what really mattered, it completely changed my practice!