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Marketing for Pelvic PTs


60+ Reviews

Stop worrying about whether your schedule will be full next week!  The proven marketing plan to fill your schedule, specifically for pelvic health practitioners

Create Your Marketing Plan​

  • Getting found by patients when they search
  • Local SEO
  • Attracting patients with social media
  • Email marketing
  • Finding a "tribe" of like-minded practitioners
  • How to rock a meeting with a physician
  • Free screenings to get patients in the door
  • Paid advertising on Google and Facebook
  • Creating your own Marketing Plan to attract your perfect patients

Proven marketing techniques that have helped almost 150 pelvic PTs grow their practice!  Stop wondering if you'll be able to fill your schedule each week.

Marketing For Pelvic PTS

Stop wondering if you'll have a full schedule this week!

Go At Your Own Pace

Watch each module as many times as you need

4+ Hours of Training Specifically for Pelvic PTs 

Be confident the information is for YOU!

Printable Checklists 

Make sure you're not missing anything with our printable checklists

Create a Tailored Marketing Plan for You!

Not just a list of possible marketing techniques, but something you can actually implement that suits your strengths

PAYMENT PLAN - $137/mo

Patient-Focused Marketing 

Stop relying on referrals and control your own stream of patients

"Find Your Tribe"

Gather like-minded practitioners for a steady flow of patients

Marketing for Pelvic Health

Most cash-based pelvic health practices struggle to get the phone ringing and enough patients in the door.  Marketing feels like a constant struggle.  You're not sure where to focus or what is working.  And your constantly worried about how to fill your schedule.

The Rising Marketing Course teaches you all the different ways to market your practice - methods that are specific to pelvic health and have helped 150 practices grow!  More importantly you'll create your own Marketing Plan so you know what to prioritize and where to focus so you will actually enjoy marketing as you build a full schedule with a wait list!

Not sure if this is the right step for you?  Keep reading or complete our Entrepreneur Survey and we can help you decide what the best resources are!


If you have a solid business foundation but can't seem to keep a consistent schedule!

If your schedule isn't consistently full - with a waitlist - marketing is a limiting factor in your business.  We want to give you the tools to fill your schedule, every single week.

✅ If you're feeling exhausted from having to 'Hustle' for every patient! ⁠

We want to make marketing easier and more efficient for you, so getting each patient in the door doesn't feel like such a grind.

✅ If you're on the "schedule rollercoaster"! ⁠

You market hard and fill your schedule, but get so busy with patient care you can't keep up your marketing.  You have a solid few weeks but realize you aren't getting many new evaluations.  Then your schedule drops off and you have to start marketing all over again....sound familiar?

 If you're crushing it with a waitlist and looking to hire....this probably isn't for you!  Check out our Business Mentorship Program if you're at this stage!

❌ If you're seeing less than 10 patients each might want to start with the Business Foundations!  You might need more work on your foundations before pushing your marketing!

❌ If you're not a pelvic PT or OT, or if you're looking for information on insurance-based practices....this probably isn't for you!  

"Well worth the investment and we wouldn't be where we are today without their guidance!" - Jana R.

"It’s the best decision you could make for your career and practice!" - Tori M.


The proven tools 150 pelvic health practices have used to fill their schedule and stop worrying about where their next evaluation will come from!

Katie T.

Do it! It's literally a discover card commercial: priceless. I cannot imagine where my business would be without it. If you are serious and ready to put in the work/time/effort and take things next level, this is for you. 

Jana R.

Don't hesitate to start this program. It is well worth the investment and we wouldn't be where we are today without their guidance!

Tori M.

It’s the best decision you could make for your career and practice! There is so much to get out of this program and you will learn to think of things is ways you hadn’t before

Not sure if it's the right fit or right time?  Take the Entrepreneur Survey below and tell us a bit more about your business (or idea) and we'll let you know if it's a good fit for what you're looking for!

PAYMENT PLAN - $137/mo
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