Pelvic PT Business Foundations

The step-by-step guide to getting to 10+ patients per week with a solid foundation for growth
The Step-By-Step Guide
  • Get found by patients
  • Phone scripts to book patients
  • Clarify your vision
  • Set up your business entity
  • Get liability and business insurance
  • How to get noticed in your local community
  • Answering "do you take my insurance"
  • Providing a superbill
  • Setting your prices
  • The systems to make it all run
No matter how long you've been in business (or if you're just starting) - you don't have to go it alone!  We've helped more than 60 cash-based pelvic PT clinics start-up, grow and scale.  The guidance to save you time, prevent mistakes and let you focus on patient care!
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Pelvic PT Business Foundations Course

All online with checklists and step-by-step instructions

✅ If you've been in business for a while but are struggling to hit 10+ patients a week consistently...this is for you! ⁠

Every single one of our mentees spent the first 6-12 weeks of Mentorship working on something from these foundations. ⁠

Some of it may be review for you, but there are going to be practical, proven techniques for optimizing your business and making sure your business is on solid footing.⁠

✅ If you're just starting out.....great! ⁠

This course will save you so much time and energy as you build your business and create that solid foundation.⁠

❌ If you're crushing it with a wait list and looking to hire....this probably isn't for you!  Check out our Business Mentorship Program if you're at this stage!

❌ If you're not a pelvic PT or OT, or if you're looking for information on insurance-based practices....this probably isn't for you!  Some of the principles might help, but our experience is in growing cash-based pelvic PT practices!

✔️️ Go At Your Own Pace - Watch each module as many times as you need

✔️️ 4+ Hours of Training Specifically for Pelvic PTs - Be confident the information is for YOU!

✔️ Printable Checklists - Make sure you're not missing anything with our printable checklists

✔️ Budget & Budget Template - Understand budgeting and accounting for your practice


✔️ Strong Foundation - Ensure your business has a strong foundation for growth

✔️ Prepare for Mentorship - Get the foundations to prepare for the Pelvic PT Rising Business Mentorship Program.

"It's the best thing I've ever done for myself as a clinician and business owner."
- Kat T.

"[Gave me] the freedom to work the hours I want, treat how I want, not be dictated by insurance, and have time with my family" - Jessie F.

"I feel so excited for the future of being able to treat the way that I want to and to work with people in my community." - Natalie T.

"It will be the best decision you can make for your business." - Niki P.


Katie T.

Do it! It's literally a discover card commercial: priceless. I cannot imagine where my business would be without it. If you are serious and ready to put in the work/time/effort and take things next level, this is for you. 

Jana R.

Don't hesitate to start this program. It is well worth the investment and we wouldn't be where we are today without their guidance!

Tori M.

It’s the best decision you could make for your career and practice! There is so much to get out of this program and you will learn to think of things is ways you hadn’t before