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Pelvic PT Rising Mission


The lack of both clinical and business mentorship in our field is a huge challenge; it leaves many PTs feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or burned out.  Many of us don't even enjoy our jobs anymore!


Pelvic PT Rising provides practical, positive resources to improve your confidence and help you actually look forward to Monday morning again!

How We Help


Online Clinical Courses

Courses that don't just teach tools, but actually how to think, ensuring you're a more confident and competent clinician


The Pelvic PT Huddle


Creating a community of more than 6,000 pelvic PTs to collaborate, learn and grow with weekly free trainings


Cash PT Business Mentoring​

Helping 50+ cash-based pelvic PTs build their dream practice; treating ideal patients while enjoying their practice and financial success


Pelvic PT Rising Podcast


Podcast specifically for pelvic PTs with clinical wisdom, business ideas and life insight, all to help you become more confident as we rise


Research Library

Library of the most important research in the field of pelvic health, curated by the Pelvic PT Rising team and constantly growing


Email Insights and Tools

Twice-weekly emails with clinical pearls, updates on the field, thoughts from the clinic and business tools specifically for pelvic PTs

Online Courses

Game-changing online courses that will make you more confident, challenge the way you think and benefit your patients

The comprehensive resource for Pelvic PTs to better evaluate, treat and resolve symptoms for complex IC patients.

"You HAVE to take this course if you feel like you don't enjoy working with IC patients because they are so complex and you feel lost." -Allison I.

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The framework you need to build your clinical reasoning, progress patients and find confidence in your practice!

"Best continuing education course I've ever taken, hands down. All online and very affordable."  

- Emily M.

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Integrating rectal evaluation and treatment into clinical practice to "find the why" for patients of all diagnoses

"Nicole is a dynamic presenter. It feels like you are learning from her in person instead of on the computer."

- Elana H. 


Kat T. (Essentials)

"Could not recommend this course enough!...It has changed my practice and given me the confidence I was missing."

Caity M. (IC)

IC is a diagnosis I never felt confident in treating. After this course I am excited to spread my new found knowledge and skills to patients and clinicians.

Laura C. (Rectal)

Great course to build confidence using rectal technique...very helpful to start thinking outside of the box and get more creative to help figure out the “why” and what is symptom driver.