Downtraining Masterclass

Understand and integrate a wide variety of downtraining techniques into your clinical practice
Sound Familiar?
  • Everyone always talks about "downtraining," but I'm not really even sure what that means...
  • Am I downtraining the muscles or the nervous system?
  • What are techniques other than just breathing?
  • What if the patient is starting to plateau and I don't have other downtraining tools? 
  • Is downtraining more voluntary or involuntary?
  • Do I need a biofeedback machine to do downtraining with my patients?
You're not alone!  "Downtraining" is crucial for our patients but often poorly defined and never actually taught!  This Masterclass will go over everything you need to know to understand downtraining and integrate it into your practice!
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The comprehensive guide to downtraining!  Understand and integrate downtraining techniques with your patients.

  •  Hour-long Masterclass all about downtraining

  • Followed by a full Q&A session

  • Replay will be available for all who register with lifetime access to revisit

  • Live course taught on Thurs, June 3rd at 6pm

  • BONUS: Downtraining handout 

Downtraining Masterclass

This targeted masterclass is for anyone who has been confused about "downtraining" or feels they only have a few tools

Understanding Downtraining

✔️️ What actually is downtraining?

✔️ How do we know downtraining is important?

✔️ What are the two types of downtraining we need to be thinking of for our patients?

✔️ How long should downtraining take?

✔️ How to educate our patients about downtraining without sounding dismissive

Implementing Downtraining

✔️How can we downtrain without biofeedback?

✔️ What are the voluntary vs. automative aspects of downtraining for patients?

✔️ How can we downtrain without internal pelvic floor physical therapy?

✔️ What if my patient is plateauing and I've used all my "downtraining" tools?


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Praise for Pelvic PT Rising Courses

"The BEST pelvic health course I've ever taken!" - Judy R.

"I can not recommend this course enough. Nicole includes tremendous value in this course (way beyond the cost)." - Erin A.

"Nicole is a dynamic presenter. It feels like you are learning from her in person instead of on the computer." - Elana H. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a "Masterclass"?


There are a lot of topics that are incredibly important to our specialty but that don't really warrant their own full course.  Instead of cramming them into another course, I wanted to make it more accessible for anyone who was struggling with that particular topic.  The information is shorter, more digestable and focused and immediately affects your clinical practice.

How is the Masterclass administered?

We'll do ​a live recording of the course for everyone who registers.  There will be a Q&A following the class to address all your questions.  For those unable to make it live the replay will be available a few days later (as well as to re-watch for those who made it live)!


Amy H. (IC Course)

This is THE course to take for current, evidence based, treatment for interstitial cystitis. Nicole provides organized and digestible information...The best value for my continuing education budget this year!

Aliza A. (Essentials)

This course is a must for any pelvic floor therapist! I took the course with the hope to improve my confidence in clinical reasoning to effectively treat a patient, and this course definitely won't regret taking this course!

Judy R. (IC Course)

This was the BEST pelvic health class I've ever taken! Even though I couldn't get live lab time, I thought the demos done on a real patient and on a model were so thorough that I could easily translate that over to patient care.