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Evaluation and Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis

This course is designed to help physical therapists understand, evaluate, and treat patients with interstitial cystitis.  Material will include background information on the complex condition, options for medical management, and self-care techniques that have been proven to help patients.

The course will also focus on the most effective physical therapy interventions for patients with interstitial cystitis, and also help practitioners learn how to market their services to patients with IC.

By the end of this course, practitioners will:

Understand the anatomy and physiology of the genitourinary system and pelvic floor as they relate to IC.

Be proficient in both internal and external manual physical therapy techniques specific to treating common IC symptoms, including myofascial release, visceral mobilization, and trigger point release.

Know how to create a treatment plan and self-care program for a complex patient with IC.

Understand the medical management of the condition and how it can complement PT, including how to work with other practitioners to create a holistic treatment program.

Understand the evidence-based diet and exercise recommendations for IC.

Discover tools that will help market your practice to patients with interstitial cystitis.”

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