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Pelvic Health:
Rising Together

The pelvic health tools to make you a better clinician and more successful business owner

How We Help

So many pelvic PTs feel lost, uncertain, or 'drowning' when dealing with complex patients.  It can be hard to know where to start, or you end up stuck in a rut with your treatment plan.  There's a lack of mentorship in our field and con-ed courses don't always give the practical information you need.

On the business side, we're not taught any skills in school and often spend years in trial and error to learn what will work in pelvic health.  We take the guesswork out of the process so you can focus on growing your business!

Pelvic PT Rising was founded to provide resources to make you more confident and successful in your practice and career.

Resources to make you more confident and successful with your patients and career

Clinical Courses

The practical courses teaching how to think about pelvic PT and progress your patients.

All online, go at your own pace with handouts and resources to make you a more confident, well-rounded clinician.

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Pelvic Health Masterclasses

Bite-sized trainings on both clinical and business topics. 

Get answers to specific questions, handouts and other resources to make you the best possible pelvic practitioner!

Business Resources

Training and resources for cash-based pelvic health practices.  Treat patients the way you want, find financial security and enjoy your business journey.

We've helped almost 150 cash-based pelvic PTs and OTs start and grow the practice of their dreams! 

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How We're Changing Pelvic Health


Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

Podcast specifically for pelvic PTs with clinical wisdom, business ideas and life insight, all to help you become more confident as we rise


Pelvic PT Huddle

Creating a community 7,000+ pelvic PTs to collaborate, learn and grow with weekly free trainings


Business Courses

1:1 Mentoring and Business Resources helping 100+ cash-based pelvic health practices thrive!


Research Library

Library of the most important research in the field of pelvic health, curated by the Pelvic PT Rising team and constantly growing


Clinical Courses

Courses that don't just teach tools, but actually how to think, ensuring you're a more confident and competent clinician


Email Insights

Twice-weekly emails with clinical pearls, updates on the field, thoughts from the clinic and business tools specifically for pelvic PTs

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Pelvic health is incredibly complex.  Many practitioners don't ever get 1:1 mentorship or learn "how to think" about treatment.  Our patients plateau or flare and we feel "lost", stuck in a rut, overwhelmed with complex patients or burned out.

Pelvic PT Rising courses don't just give you new skills.  They teach you how to think. Confidently progress even your most complex patients and celebrate the impact we can have on our patient's lives!


Helping 1,000+ pelvic health providers get better patient outcomes and treat more confidently. 

Jenna K.

Nicole does an exceptional job with incorporating evidence and her clinical pearls into an online platform that easily facilitates learning. I’ve already seen my patient outcomes improve and I know I’m a better practitioner now.

Aliza A.

This course is a must for any pelvic floor therapist! I took the course with the hope to improve my confidence in clinical reasoning to effectively treat a patient, and this course definitely won't regret taking this course!

This is THE course to take for current, evidence based, treatment for interstitial cystitis.


Nicole provides organized and digestible information...The best value for my continuing education budget this year!

Amy H.

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Far too many business owners struggle for years learning by trial and error.  It stalls growth and leaves you overworked, underpaid, scared, frustrated or burned out. We've been there!


We've created resources specifically for cash practices to eliminate the wasted time and guesswork.  Find financial freedom, treat patients they way they deserve and actually ENJOY the work by building a business that works for you!

Their mentorship is literally the best money I have spent since starting a business.

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Created by Nicole & Jesse Cozean, this is the podcast for pelvic PTs who want to improve their clinical skills, grow their business or career, and stay sane as Pelvic PTs!

Pelvic PT Rising Origin Story

Our goal has always been to change the way pelvic health is practiced so patients can get the care they deserve.  We started PelvicSanity physical therapy in Southern California to provide the highest level of care.  The clinic quickly grew to one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.  

Next we turned to creating patient resources.  We wrote The Interstitial Cystitis Solution, created online patient courses and started an online support group for those going through pelvic health issues.


Ultimately, the biggest impact we can have on patients is by being better as a specialty. Growing as clinicians to take ownership of our unique ability to help patients. Starting businesses that treat patients the way we believe they deserve. 


Let's rise together!

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Nicole Cozean

  • Founder of PelvicSanity Physical Therapy and Pelvic PT Rising

  • Author of "The IC Solution"

  • Run the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast

  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle 

  • Co-Founder of PelviCon, the first conference by and for pelvic rehab

  • Named ICN Physical Therapist of the Year and first PT to serve on the ICA Board of Directors

  • Chapman University Alumnae of the Year

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