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Pelvic PT Essentials

This course is for Pelvic Health PTs:

✔️ Who want to be more confident in their skills in the clinic with their patients

✔️ Who have some of the tools, but get frozen with complex cases

✔️ Who have taken beginning pelvic health PT courses, but still feel like they need help "putting it all together"

✔️ Who have not been able to work with an in-person mentor to help develop the "big-picture" thinking

✔️ Who need help on "finding the why" of pelvic floor dysfunction

The course includes:

✔️️ 8-weeks of instruction

✔️ Built-in time for implementation

✔️ Private FB group of course participants for questions, collaboration, and accountability

✔️ Case studies and real-life examples to learn from

✔️ The option for 1:1 mentoring sessions


✔️ Lifetime access to the material

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