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Case Report: 5 Ways To Get More Functional

How do we become more productive (especially when starting our own practice)?

5 Reminders When Treating Chronic Pain

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In this case report from a male patient who scheduled a remote consultation, my biggest takeaway was the lack of functional assessment he had received.

He was dealing with pelvic pain, urinary urgency/frequency, post-void dribbling, incontinence during exercise and pain with sitting.

While he had been to two different pelvic PTs, and did have minor improvements, his life was still very different. Normally an avid runner, he had cut running out completely (after usually doing 70-80 miles a week). Sitting caused such pain he switched to a standing desk, without actually addressing his underlying issues.

In talking with him, together we saw five different areas where a more functional assessment and treatment could (and I would argue, should) have been done. Hope you enjoy this case report!

As Nicole said in the full episode:

"I want you to be thinking about how to be assessing and treating your patients more functionally." - Nicole Cozean

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Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS

Founder of Pelvic PT Rising and PelvicSanity Physical Therapy in Southern California.

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Jesse Cozean, MBA

Co-founder of the Pelvic PT Rising and the Rising Podcast.

Jesse uses his business experience to help pelvic health business owners start and grow their practices so they can build a practice that truly works for them. From website design, SEO, conversions, marketing, finance and money mindset, he wants to make the process of owning your own practice easier and fun.

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