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7 Things That Change When You Have Employees

The journey from solopreneur to business owner as you hire is filled with challenges and responsibilities you may not expect. In this 'sode we attempt to shed light on the significant changes you'll encounter when you decide to grow beyond yourself.

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We decided to stop the list at 7, because we could have listed literally everything ;). But here are some of the biggest ways things change:

  1. Your Role. You'll transition from being the treating clinician to being more focused on filling your clinician's schedule, training, marketing, and building systems; skills you may not have needed to hone as you grew your own schedule.

  2. Your Responsibilities. It's different when you need to guarantee someone else's livelihood. You can't take off for vacation without a plan to keep things running. You'll need to think about admin coverage while they are working.

  3. Legal Requirements. This is an area where you should be consulting an employment attorney in your state. There are a lot of technicalities and these change state-by-state with hiring.

  4. Creating Systems. The business organization can't just live in your head anymore. How do you answer the phone? How do you greet patients? What is your Clinic Ethos? You'll have to create systems around everything in your business.

  5. Profitability. Your profitability will dramatically decrease when you bring on employees. Hopefully you've planned for this and the extra volume makes up for it. But some practices have been in the position where they hire and fill someone's schedule, only to see their take-home pay go down!

  6. Onboarding, Training & Mentoring. You'll be responsible for ensuring your hire is providing the highest level of care. This is going to mean a huge time investment in their success as you train them and continue to mentor them through growth.

  7. Hard Conversations. You'll dramatically increase the number of hard conversations you'll have. And these aren't 'bad' conversations, you're just introducing conflict whenever you have another personality in your business and you'll have to grow to manage them.

As Nicole said on the full 'sode of the topic...

"You'll dramatically increase the number of hard conversations you'll have... and these aren't 'bad' conversations, you're just introducing conflict whenever you have another personality in your business and you'll have to grow to manage them." - Nicole Cozean

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Jesse Cozean, MBA

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